Hurricane : Black/White : Edited By Empty

Empty was kind enough to put this mini together for me. Hope you guys enjoy!

Good shit Jake.
You spelled your name wrong.
thank you scace and lol
Awesome video, loved the vibe, dem dubshots
loved the snipes in this. and the elong bxr tac was tight.
elong clips ftw

I think this might have been my favorite edit from all the LiT videos, holy shit well done Paul.

Gameplay had some great stuff as well!

Thanks guys, I wanted this to have an "old timey" type vibe to it with the music choice. 
One of the better LiT vids. Gameplay was really cool, I liked that lockout custom snipes frenzy and as sk0ls said elongation tac lmao. Nice to see high caliber clips simply edited to a chill song.
Thank's man, really appreciate the feedback.  ^same goes for the post above mine. 
great vid fellars, clips were clutch and empty done emptyproductions the last one 145
Empty, establishing himself as one of the best editors in the game right now.  That jumping shot for the triple on Sigons was my favorite play.  That BXR snipe on thw sword guy was pretty awesome too.  That blainer on Snipedown on Sanctuary was fucking dope.  I thought the song was kinda weird, didn't get get the style of theme ya'll were going for.