"Announcing videos" on THF 2.0

Things have changed a bit, getting some questions:

We now have what you might call a 3 tier system:

Absolute top or timely/interesting story video: we either announce the thread with an image on the front page or make an article with a little write up (see Hyena's video) with the same result + feature/top of page on general videos page and relevant game's video page.

Good video: featuring/top or page in the general videos page

cool video for appreciaters of the game or good video but not as good as the other current good video of another game: feature/top of the page on that specific game's page of videos

Thing is we cant do for example a new h3 videos page feature when the main video page feature is also a h3 video. That spot is then tied up together.

For all of these that obviously means you have to submit your video into our archive on top of making a thread.

If you think you have a shot at a front page feature, for example because of timing (christmas montage for example, or X year anniversary of h2 or whatever), an interesting story, theme or angle or simply because of its quality it's a good idea to have a nice screenshot/image so we have something to create a good looking announcement

We also tweet out most of the decent+ videos that are posted on our boards, a VIP can suggest things to tweet out so if you want it to be suggested/feel overlooked feel free to contact one of them.

This is still being thought on, just wanted to give you guys an idea of what you're dealing with as we see it now.

Hope this clears things up
I take it the THF logo still has to be in the vidya?


also want to know this 

One thing I liked more about the other site: you could host more videos. With the way things are now, you can really only have three things on the front page that are actually going to get noticed. I think we should try to make videos the biggest thing about this site, and videos like Blitz's H1 should be on the front page for all to see - in my opinion. Sure, it's on the video page, but I don't think that is going to bring that much more attention to it. It's just a bit alarming if a video as strong as Blitz's isn't good enough to be on the front page. Finals from Hyena aren't being made every week.

I take it the THF logo still has to be in the vidya?
Yes, well not the logo as much as well try and get a new intro out soon. also sher your montage trailer has already been tweeted when it came out

I rerendered and reuploaded my tage with a thf intro can it be front paged? :)

I rerendered and reuploaded my tage with a thf intro can it be front paged? :)


I tend to agree with Andrew. Not that my newest video is amazing or anything, because it's not, but it does suck only having 100 views or so in comparison to before where it would be 5x this amount in one day on the front page. 

Not trying to bitch/complain, just throwing it out there in hopes of a better system down the road.

I rerendered and reuploaded my tage with a thf intro can it be front paged? :)


Silence could be their nice way of saying no
A yes or no is all I want :\

yo dude Im aware of it, we dont have a nicely working system in place yet. apparently nv1 and me are the only ones front paging shit atm and weve both been busy.

we'll see, depends on timing, got Hustlas vid now

ok thank you thats all I need to hear :)
why cant I create threads?

I’m making a community montage


message me on instagram inxy_fuck


next good video in a minute 

You. Don’t need to send me your clips but it’s appreciated 
I’m an editor