THE REUNION 2 - Zentzproductions (VA BlackHawk) GP by Phurion, Reid18, Titaynium, Hable, Doodlepop, Untaymed, ZRTROOKIO


Ayye Thank you for front paging. 

Slater Ohm 2x Mod of the Year (2019, 2023)

Look mom, front page!

Great job, thanks. Hard to believe we are sneaking up on the twentieth anniversary of H2s launch.


Brother this was absolutely disgusting. VA it's been so cool to see you continue to create so much cool stuff consistently over the years. The player name as part of the HUD was so clean. Love the effort from everyone

have to give the special shout outs

Titaynium --  you are absolutely out of pocket with some shit in here. There are actual clips in here that I tried hundreds of times that I wasn't able to pull off: rocket launch on foundation, Cross map Beaver Creek where you port through to see it,  launch with that shitty brute weapon vert launch on Hang Em High, jesus. You can go straight to hell for the box launches.

Reid and Phurion, the legends showing out with clips in here too, love to see it. 

And to close it out with the clips from the other videos, nice touch