Zuby :: The H3 Montage


DL Link - https://mega.nz/#!lAoyQZLB!kkHDmhCKcqo37B1JhsB8zJvTFovG718qbPMMEW3F-hI

Here it is boys. After a long time working, it is finally out. I hope you all enjoy!

Also Ben, I love you. Something must have went wrong in the credit transfer. Plz 4give meh.

Holy shit, man. Just the confidence to pull a 360 in some of those clips is insane. The simple editing compliments the gameplay more than an over edit would. I love it. Nice work all around. 

Thanks my dude, I am glad it is getting such good reception!

Also, I updated the original post with a DL link for anyone interested.

Really awesome video Zuby! Overkill on Pit near the end is so nasty. I also liked how you added little segments from Kampy and Tranq's stream.
Gameplay is really fucking good, and the edit has a great flow. Really good watch; definitely hitting the upper echelons of clip quality even with today's crazy standards.
nice tage
Yo man this was dope, editing and clips were clean af my dude. Thanks for putting out such a great montage :] 
Damn, those spin snipes though.
i luv zuby
lmaooo im done @ 3:03 thats kids gt is Undertakerufc 
I only watched half of it but i was surprised by the amount of cancer i didn't see

you displayed the clips surprisingly well but i can't watch this generic editing for 15 minutes straight  
the clips were boring social propaganda 
Ughhahg I'm gonna be sick. This tage was disgusting. These clips were awesome. Great work! Kampy get rekt. The intro made me lawl. "SHHHHHUT UUUUUUUUPPPP!!!"