Zuby & Ishii :: The Biebertage v2 :: Edited by Zuby


The first one got some pretty good reviews, so I am proud to bring you v2 of this series. I really enjoyed making it, and in my own personal opinion, I feel this is my best editing by far. Hopefully you all enjoy!

At first I definitely liked the first one more, but at a second glance I think this one is better. It could be because I know the songs so well and in v2 it's more of a new experience. With that said, I love the feel of them both. It's laid back and smooth, simple and not too serious. I do think the editing is stronger than the clips though. I could definitely call it one of my favorites. Oh, and the colors. The colors you threw in there really tie the knot. 

So good zuby, i really liked the first video and this wasn't less enjoyable. I think i'll copy your concept and make a "Swift Tage".  :P