Halo 3 (2007) has more features than Halo 5 (2015) [commentary/rant]


I had to hit you guys with my NPR radio voice to let you know I wasn't playin.

Really well done Scace.  Love the comment about /r/Halo except with sweaty kids lol.  
I'm not sure what Halo dying again would accomplish other than a probably terrible reboot, if anything. 

Well at this rate idk what will "save" Halo, so I feel like if the game moved away from Microsoft and was picked up by a company that gave a shit and treated their fans fairly we could have a chance.

Halo is practically the face of the Xbox. No way Microsoft would ever give up the rights. 
Your point about Halo 5 being released as a beta game is spot on, and its a trend in AAA games these days (particularly shooters). These companies are forcing devs to crank out a game that's not finished, and the Halo franchise has definitely suffered as a result of that (case in point, MCC).

The things they are doing at Xlink Kai is everything 343 needs to be doing.

Just do what counter strike is doing but with Halo 2, do not change the game mechanics in any form; not even the way the game sounds. Just add features to it, for example: Weapon Skins, Multi Colored HUD options, Colored Spartan armor patterns. Next which I cannot add any more emphasis on, add Forge and Theatre! BOOM Best Halo Game!

Not sure where the "Team Beyond is r/halo for sweaty kids" comes from. I mean yeah it has probably the only Halo Pro interactions on the website and you do have a decent H5 sweatiness, but the other half of the community are those who won't even touch H5 or tried it and stopped playing. 343i as far as I know doesn't enjoy coming there. Frankie felt like he was personally being attacked, Josh Holmes said they were taking stuff out of context, and Bravo doesn't post there anymore.
Nor do I think that pro's have all the answers. Pro's have said some pretty ridiculous things in the past and I don't know if it was just a spur of the moment thing or pressure from external sources, but Walshy thought that having loadouts was a good thing in H4 and 2gre "No bloom, no skill". I get that they usually have a better grasp on things, but I wouldn't put all my trust into them.

There are more things I could nitpick, but I get it. MCC is a train wreck. H4 was a disappointment. H5 took two steps forwards and three back. For us its just becoming more and more sad to watch this series continue. I don't know if Halo dying is the answer, but I'm definitely down for trying something new. Like a new developer, a change in the higher ups at 343i, just something to shake things up again.

i r teh 343 hate train conductor... welcome aboard :)

Next stop: 2007

Beyond is pretty much the old MLGPro forums. When Halo was dropped from MLG Beyond basically was created and everyone merged over there. 

Beyond is pretty much the old MLGPro forums. When Halo was dropped from MLG Beyond basically was created and everyone merged over there. 

With a couple sites inbetween.

Here what I posted on YT: That's why I spoke with my wallet and didnt buy H5. Nothing with Halo or 343i will change until their profits become affected. That's the reality children. If you keep paying for unfinished, unbalanced, low skill, crap content; then that's what they'll keep releasing on a yearly basis.

Also Scace your voice was just....idk man have some emphasis or something lol

@SeaVomit: I agree with you 1000% homie

@Eamonn: You forgot about TheHaloCouncil