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H5 is poop.
Fucking heretic and standoff every fucking game. Someone kill me plz
Standoff would be good if by default there were snipers in each base, sucks how it is though I fucking hate it

standoff needs only 3 things: a mongoose, stickies and rockets.

fuck you and your snipers 

I actually like standoff. 

I like Standoff too:

Meh. Warthog rape is not my idea of a good time.

Standoff + H3 BR spread + shitty MCC hit detection = tears

The Basic has never had a more frustrating game in his life.


"1 kill, 49 assists". 

Breaking news.

MCC is still broken.

he was probably driving the warthog, in which case it's not as bad. if not, that's a feat in and of itself
Of course he was driving. 

standoff needs only 3 things: a mongoose, stickies and rockets.

fuck you and your snipers 

slater gets it, standoff is awesome

MCC still has no ranks.

Yes, that's really sad news.

He also worked on the RWBY series. I was a fan of his animation work. 

I personally never got into the animation side of what RT did, never the less Monty created a huge part of not only RT but also the Halo community. RIP.

I found this awesome website which times weapons and power ups on Halo 1:

Very useful if you play customs with friends or even matchmaking.

This honestly shocked me so much. It's another one of the guys you just never expect to just be gone like that. Fuck man, I'm so sad now. He was an amazing artist.

Just uploaded a drum video of me playing a song off the H2A soundtrack! Check it out if ya want

Nice! I'm a big Periphery/Misha fan so naturally I was thrilled to hear he was contributing some tracks to the soundtrack.

You nailed it

That was badass.
What's the difference between this thread and the MCC thread?
That was awesome, Kevin. Good shit! 
I always assumed the MCC thread was for bitching, and this is just general Halo discussion.
...but general Halo discussion is bitching
Great cover dude, I genuinely liked it!
Am I the only one who thought Reach was a good game. No bloom & no sprint.
Okay, Halo discussion. You can do this Clayton. Halo. Halo. Halo. C'mon you've done this before. You got this. Some octopuses can change the color of their body to blend in with their environments. Fuck!
How many tickles does it take to make an octopus laugh?
How many!?

Ten Tickles

I literally just died.