Let's Play! [add me I'm ronery]

My steam friend code:  1026055364

discord:  Achilles#11164

xbox:  markedachilles

Added the last 3 on here to my Steam. Marked, Clint and Shroy.

My IGN - TortisTX

yo my bad I must have ignored it on accident

Add me again via friend code: 106757248


Also, Marked...added

Steam Friend code is the way to go for sure


Steam: indopanda

Xbox Live: indopanda

Been playing a ton of Reach since it released on PC... add me fam

Playing reach pc xbox live: slater ohm
Add me brotha! Lol just messaged u asking the same thing.  GT: Klickz

Faroe BrooooN E


Sup :)

Haven’t played in a few years! Back on now having fun hit me up!

Xbox gamer tag  : Eiiision

Crossplay drops on the 17th allegedly this month, DiRtY PLaTaNo is my Xbox gamertag.
I don't play video games much nowadays, but gamertag on Xbox is sl1ck. Probably will get the new Halo, also have BF 2042. Wouldn't mind playing a few rounds if any of you old timers are still around.