Let's Play! [add me I'm ronery]

This is the thread where you beg people to play with you, beg away, beggers.

Im online, add me I'll be online tonight, add me41v1s, add me4scrims, plz add me

srsly tho plz play with meh


P.S. it helps when you mention your gamertag

Add me for Xbox 360 Halo 3 for Matchmaking or Trickjumping Lessons,GT: Harc The Shark

(Actually just send me message, FL is full but I'll make room)

Im down to play whatever, whenever. GT is username. thx
I'm online right now.  I'll be on for a few more hours.  Feel free to invite for anything.
I should be home in an hour, need to set up my new system and figure out a gamertag. But I'll be playing :-D
Got my old tag, Spirit Mode if you guys wanna play, I haven't played in almost 2 years, but I'll be on that H2 as much as possible.
Add me for any kind of custom games. GT: iiTz DiiRTY 
Who's online tonight?

Your not on now Slater! Good work with the new site BTW. 

Just one quick question can new members join still?

yeah, why do you ask?
Add me Im trying to get back into serious halo again GT is PianoCaesar6065 ....I'll be on from midnight to 6am
Add me TheMetalReeper Playing H2C and H2A trying to find a tryhard team <3
Hey guys, I finally figured out how to make MCC work for me.  I'm down to play any CE/H2C/H2A  matchmaking or customs.  Feel free to add and invite me to play whenever I'm online.  Which should be at least once a day from now on.  
Anyone running H1 or H2 Customs tonight? FFA prefered.
Add for FFA/silly shit, no massive try hards pl0x - iTz OnEsHoT
Can I please get into some FFAs? That tourneys coming up soon and I could use the practice lol   "Gunrath"
I play everything! I prefer FFA's H2C FFA's my GT:RECONZ FFA

Add me for customs, Halo 2, Halo 2 Anniversary, Halo 3. I also usually play Halo 2 Anniversary just because I'm trying to get some clips for a montage, so if your down to play that too then awesome. 

GT: GrizzlyCougar

Anyone on right NOW! Please someone add or invite me MM sucks on your own!
I'm down for pretty much anything. Gt is Outspread.
Anyone gaming today?
Wake up, fools! It's time for some Friday night customs! We're on RIGHT NOW, on the MCC.

Please add me - sozkilla


I can't search MM alone with these retards anymore, it's unplayable. 

down for anything!! need to find friends for custom games/competitive gt: NonFrozenCube
I've come to the rescue 
I'm desperately looking for some H3 MM partners or parties running MLG customs. Add Crudam
For the love of god play with me!  GT: CrushTheTitan  up for anything.
Im online right now and im looking for ppl to play matchmaking with. So please come and play.

GT = Dat Scarecrow G
Anyone wanna play Halo tonight?  Loading up a fat bowl as I'm typing this.  Send ya boy an invite for some Hilarious Halo.
Gt HoyXX adding ya.
I'm interested in starting a kinda serious team, if that makes sense.  I'm very good at halo, but I'm a little shy so it takes me awhile to get comfortable with people and show my true potential.  I'm 25 years old and I've been playing since I was 15.  I really got into MLG in late 2005 and 2006.  (FinalBoss Fanboy!) 
Someone fuckin add me 
add H1 sKunk for CE

Add FoRsAkEn LLX for endless H2C 1v1's

Working on a 1v1 tage and i need variety in players!

Im down to play whatever, whenever. GT is username. thx

That's one dope ass logo :D