The Halo Forum 2017

We are the abandoned, we are the lost.

This one is for the post count
I dunno, it may be crickets but I still try to be active and foster discussion. Where are all the people leaving feedback on new members' montages? Where's the indepth critique we had around the time of the movie comp that kept so many members coming back and engaged in discussion?
Check in like once a month, sadly
color key

haven't posted here in years. 


anyone know how I can change my username? I'm not 15 anymore lol

Anybody in the discord regularly? I'm currently out of country for another month or so, but I'll be down to do some general gaming with some of you guys I haven't talked to in years.

Uncut did you get my recommendations for the YT channel - so much more you could add mate - keep a vid coming once a week or so and keep it fresh?