Destiny Montage - ctn29 & x S H I E L D S (C&R)

Hey guys, first post over here but Im trying to broadcast my new montage to as many people as possible! I'll copy/paste the youtube link so it doesn't get too long, I hope you guys can enjoy it!

"Destiny montage featuring ctn29 and x S H I E L D S. Rob's my best friend outside of the game so naturally 90% of our destiny played time was with each other, learning and getting better at the game.  Before the wide world of destiny trash talkers come through, we don't take the game too seriously, we play for fun. When we want to get competitive it's fun to beat a lot of teams too. Enjoy it for what it is we don't think we're anywhere close to the best players nor claim to be.

All clips are mostly from trials with some regular crucible mixed in

Music By:
65 days of static - Supermoon
The Wanted - We Own The Night (Chainsmokers Remix)

Thanks for watching"


This is pretty good.  Have you done any other interesting project after this one?

Bhuvanesh Virani
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