The Division

Just got this game on PC. If any of you want to play let me know! Add me on steam "scace_"

Also, general "The Division" thread.

will most likely pick this up when it gets a price drop because I have to pay for more grown up stuff at the moment. looks fun though!
Wasn't impressed by the beta and decided to pass. Might pick it up on sale later down the road if it still has a population, but man that closed beta was horrible.
Try to sell it to me.
It's kind of like Destiny in the way that you can team up with a few people to tackle missions and get loot. It isn't like doing a raid in WoW though, and I actually haven't gotten to a point where I need another person to play with. Just throwing it out there if someone would like to play, because it is a fun game so far, and I know it's one of those games that would be fun to play with a friend.

This game is amazing imo.

Had an absolute blast playing it today and I've barely even touched The Dark Zone. Once people go rouge and man hunts start, it's a fucking rush.

Will definitely buy it over the summer. I have no time for new games since I'm having a pretty tough semester but I'm looking forward to playing it.
Yeah I have yet to go into the dark zone haha and I don't even know about "going rouge" do tell.

My roommate has been playing this non-stop since the release last night.  He is begging me to put down MCC for a few hours and I just might this weekend.  


Also, maybe I could play with THE Scace again :)

gameplay looks really stale.

Llama if you have it on PC then it's possible!!!


Zeus, what do you like exactly?

Yeah I have yet to go into the dark zone haha and I don't even know about "going rouge" do tell.

its when a party or player goes into the dark zone (multiplayer area) and starts killing other party's or players. It puts a mark above their heads and they show up on the mini map as "rouge". People try to hunt them down and take all their loot while they try to run away or kill as many people with them before they go down. It's so much fun

Jeez that sounds intense. I'm about to go into the dark zone now actually. Wish me luck!!!
Yah, I'might pretty sure you think every game sucks. So your opinion is kind of null for me. I'd want to test it out before I bought it. Would be nice getting into another shooter on console since Halo and CoD are going down the shitter,
Got it on X1. Leveled to 17 or something and like 16 in the DZ. Havent been on today but ill be on tmro
I'm only level 4

I bought the game yesterday. Started playing at 5pm. I'm level 20 rank 19. Really liking the game so far.

edit: Played until 3am...

Add me faggots if you play on the Xbox, GT is Apache Six Four. Level 13, rank 8 in the DZ. Just dropped the ACR for the lightweight M4. Literally does double DPS which blew my mind. Also run a Scar-H for backup with a officers M9 for sidearm. Game is so fucking addictive. 
Ive been kinda busy not really this week, but this is the only game ive really played. Been doin hoodrat things since the beta, add me if you wanna fuck shit up with me while i procrastinate through life
I'm divided on it.

Got bored over the weekend and ended up buying it because it was the only thing out that I had any desire to try.

Surprisingly addicted to it after hating the beta. Also suprised that hard mission are actually that... hard. I ran the first 3 missions on hard and I got through them, it took time and effort like most games, but wasn't impossible. Now I'm on like a minimum level 10 on normal trying to run it on hard and I cant even make a dent in the enemies at level 12.

How's the Dark Zone? Sounds like it might scratch the itch I've had since I stopped playing DayZ.

The DZ is pretty fun. A buddy and I did a few DZ runs the other day. I went rogue on accident (you go rogue when you shoot a player in the DZ that isn't a rogue already. A symbol on the minimap appears letting other players know where you are so they can kill you if they want) so my friend who was in my group decided that we should just kill anyone who comes after me. We fended off about 12 guys, killed them all.

After you kill so many people while you're a rogue there's a "Manhunt" that gets called on you. Which broadcast your position to every player in the DZ so you get swarmed by everyone. We always get excited when we see a Rogue symbol pop up on the map because PvP is always fun (if you're the group with the better gear, haha).

The Rogue status goes away after so many seconds, but the more people you kill the more time gets added on (I think the first kill you get 1 minute 30 seconds). We had it up to 5 minutes until it wore off, which is a long time.That was a lot of fun. We ran all over the map trying to get away from them and managed to keep the chase going for 5-10 minutes. It was like 2 versus 15 people.

It's a good place to gear up and get better items, but it gets pretty old fast if you don't have a friend or two to run through it with you. If you're alone you'll get ganged up on, which usually isn't a problem, but it can get old fast.

Twice today I've accidentally shot people in the DZ and gone rogue at an extraction point. People just unload on you once they see that rogue symbol. One actual decent guy didn't shoot once he saw that I wasn't shooting back and allowed me to run the timer down to non-hostile.

Just picked up and modded an AK47 for 11k+ DPS. I saw on r/division some guys loadout had like 81k DPS on his primary at lvl 30. Absolutely ridiculous. Currently level 18, rank 12 iirc in the DZ.

Yeah, my buddy just got level 30 a couple hours ago. He has 65k DPS and 55k Health with 20k Skill Power. I haven't been able to play lately because my connection sux donkey dix. Pardon my french.
Hit level 30 and immediately pumped out a challenge mission. Took 4 of us over 45min to beat the Lincoln tunnel mission. 
I'm at lvl 29. Gonna hit 30 then idk what to do lol I wish I had some PC homies.
Im 30 in both, just hit 30 DZ last night. Add me on X1, im always looking to squaaaaaaad
doing 110k+ dps right now so I mostly cruise DZ 3-5
I think I already have you added from a while back. I'll be on tonight.
Goddamn. Took me and the boys about 3 hours to beat the power plant level on challenge. Probably one of the most difficult levels I've ever played out of any game. 
Level 21 or 22. Haven't touched dark zone yet. Can only play couple hours a week. Def more fun with people.

Been loving this game since release. Would love more people to play with though... Only have been playing with about the same 1-3 people and relying on matchmaking (which is terrible) most of the time.

Level 30 and level 31 in the dark zone. Im just trying to grind to get a full high end inventory. Send a message to Stoodlepop if you wanna play.

If you wanna grind for high end shit, there is a new Russian Consulate glitch to farm HE and superior items. It takes a while to set up but it works.
Managed to get 20 people in the Lexington event center. Ran through the mission 5 times in about an hour.
Jesus christ the Warrengate daily is intense. Took probably 1.5-2 hours to beat it. All for a shitty mask lol