Self-Debate: What is your religion? How does it hurt you?

No...I'm not only talking about your Sunday morning habits.  I'm asking...what do you do/say/practice religiously?

According to Wikipedia's 3rd definition of religion, it is  "a pursuit or interest to which someone ascribes supreme importance."

Me?  My religion is Destiny.  I play almost every day, I think about it during other parts of the day, and I don't know shit about the lore.  I bought this game that has eaten up $500+, thousands of hours of time, and helped me avoid social interaction on a semi-regular basis...and I couldn't tell you very much about the story outside of what shows up in the cut scenes.

Other than my wallet and my time, I feel like it may be taking a toll on my body because of all of the sitting.

Mine would probably be music. I subscribe to Apple Music and I listen to it pretty much everywhere (the car, my computer, in bed, etc). Music is really nice for going along with my mood in different situations; if I'm studying, it's classical. Going on a car ride with friends? Hip Hop. Working out on the gym or just general listening? Metal (usually Death or Thrash). There's a lot in music that makes it entertaining: the different instruments being played, the lyrics, the beat of it, so much of it is entertaining.
My religion? Oh I don't know: lifting, burning dank nugs, babes, smoking weed, playing CoD, Sublime
I'm agnostic.
stay sarcastic and productive
Yeah, right.
right now, i believe encryption is my religion...wink
ahaaaaaa god is great. :)