I want to bring back some memories from older games that allow fist fight back in those days like James Bond or Perfect Dark. Let's bring back the fist fight/unarm combo.I mean, why not? What's your opinion for the UNSC, Covenant, or Forerunner's tech for combo fight melee? I like it where when you don't have a gun completely, you can run faster than a sword guy. How about adding better evasion as well? Have the Elites do their own combo in their style before doing an execution on a human or a forerunner. As for the humans, make them have their own style of martial arts in melee combat. For the forerunners, they too have their own combo for their own melee attack.The UNSC will have a melee-electric arm knuckle that will stun the enemy with a few combos; however, their damage is not so great is because they have speed advantage and stun advantage. For the Elites, make them have energy knuckle where each punch is able to gain their shield back; however, they will lack speed due to high damage punch. Now for the forerunners, make them have the incineration knuckle where they have speed and damage; however, lack of armor and be able to die faster.Every combo for the three faction will perform differently. Imagine the lunge attack from the sword; however, it is instead use in the unarm knuckle style. If you lock on them like a homing missile, the lock will circle 3 times if possible. If the aiming of the circle spins 3 times, you get a full 3 hit combo which will take out the shield instantly. If you lock on them on, but it circles one time on the aim-lock, you perform an uppercut punch that will only do quarter damage to your shield, which is highly minimal. If you lock on them and the circle spins twice, then you do an uppercut and an overhand punch that will do two quarters of a damage, which is decent. If it circles 3 times on the aim-lock, then it will do an uppercut punch, overhand punch, and a thrust kick that will knock off the player with a stun and slow run/turn (Almost like you got knock off from a ghost-hijack). If the person has no shield at all, you can perform an execution; however, it depends who can counter the execution. The knuckle weapons will be able to disarm the first weapon and second weapon if the opponent pulls out it like from Perfect Dark. Just a few punches and your gun is gone on the ground, or taken instantly.What's your opinion on this one? The energy sword makes you run fast, but the unarm knuckle can make you run even faster with a great evasion.