Mathmatical vs The Natural

or, are these two equal? are our minds just part of a grand design?

bring in some intelligence which most would agree I lack to some degree.

this may be amusing but if we do not stop consuming we'll be history.

towards a thinking humanity, please?

Everything in nature has roots in mathematics. I'm not sure if this is a "vs." thing.
"Everything in nature has roots in mathematics" what in the hell are you talking about
I'm not sure if this is a " WiNDeX vs. PM" thing.

As much as I enjoy philosophy, it sort of clouds our perception of reality with useless rambling. Everything can be calculated. Nature, DNA, etc, all involve mathematics. Everything and everyone is constantly performing complex mathematical actions all the time without really giving them any thought.

Every nanosecond we are causing countless atomic actions and/or reactions. Breathing, walking, driving, or even thinking. Now it trully takes someone devoted to fully understand what and how we do things. Obviously, inanimate objects do not retain a conscious to comprehend.

Think of it this way. We are a collection of atoms trying to understand themselves. Let that sink in.

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Everything in nature has roots in mathematics. I'm not sure if this is a "vs." thing.

I agree.

To clarify:

Are we not separating our selves from the natural design with the intellect of the mind?

In a sense, trying to find the meaning of life through religion and science.

Bad or Good? or Both?

lol just cus we're intelligent enough to create a world filled with technology and advanced medicine. doesn't mean we're "moving" away from nature. Everything in front of u is the pure nature of existence because of events that have been happening since the beginning of "time". Just cus u ain't a caveman on some Adam and Eve bullshit don't mean ur any less natural than "them" in fact the more intelligent we become day by day the more we progress by the nature of the universe.

I'm not one to judge but a philosophy thread doesn't belong on a gaming forum because honestly no one here is coming on a gaming forum for good philosophy and if u are then ur just a fucking poser



i can't believe I even posted in this -.-

so then, in a sense, wouldn't we our selves be some form of technology?

sure...... if that's the only word in ur vocabulary

ur using that word so wrong that just like shit u need to read a book homie, I can't even give u a good response if ur questions don't make sense and I'm not gonna waste my time interpreting what ur trying to say with a paragraph that would be longer than the response itself to the question.

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