Novella 2 - Halo 3 Campaign Trick Jumping Solo featuring WtK

A long awaited Halo 3 trick jumping video brought you by Skulk.

Jumps performed by WtK

Loved this video a lot. It's crazy how they can even think of doing some of those jumps. Amazing. 
This is sooo enjoyable. Some of those jumps were amazing! I was actually recently watching some older campaign vids like one for the books, novella 1, orima so seeing this post was a very pleasant suprise.
excellent stuff as usual from wtk 
Silly good and creative. 
Those crane, or swinging arm thing jumps were super sick. i didn't even know you could move them, then again I barely played the halo 3 campaign.
this was fucking awesome!
Very creative. I wonder if a Halo 2A or 4 one is in the works.