Montage ideas....need advice.

I have just one Halo montage made for me, of which I am proud of. The other day I came up with this idea for my second montage, but I don't know if anyone else has attempted to do it: combining Halo and Destiny clips together. Yeah, they are different styles of shooter, but I figured I might try something different this time around. What do you think of this idea? And how many clips should I have to make a 6 to 8 minute montage, if I were to compile some somewhat older Destiny multiplayer clips with my newer Halo 5 clips? 
Its not as complicated as I thought haha. Mine will have more editing to it though. 
I personally don't think multi FPS tages (unless it's all Halo) work well. I wouldn't do it.
Agreed. I watch a good bit of cross game CoD, Gears, and Halo montages, and I think that having more than one game breaks the immersion.
It's been done before. I don't reccomend it. Instead of appeaing to all audiences, it just diminishes those interested to none.
What am I watching here. Single headshot sniper kills.
Gosh that was rough to watch. I will never make a montage with single snipes....ever.