Guess That Montage Thread

Given a song I want to see if you guys can guess the montage, I'm looking through my external right now and I'm finding a few old songs that could be obtained around 2010 to recently, and I thought we could make a game out of it. Anyone can feel free to post a song for someone else to be able to guess what it is.

utada hikaru - sanctuary

nneka – heartbeat (chase and status remix)

Undercover Martyn (Passion Pit Remix) - Two Door Cinema Club

Just as a disclosure, it could be possible that some of these could just not belong to a montage but to my knowledge they all do.

Paging @Rhis

Got some more, first two are right for sure. Could you link the third one? Just out of curiousity.

Got some more, first two are right for sure. Could you link the third one? Just out of curiousity.

I used it in a beta video, maybe somebody else used it aswell but I wouldnt know. Video isnt the best hah

I still love it. I remember a handful of cool reach beta tages to come out around that time.
Is that Crisis?

Is that Crisis?


Damn, yea, saw this thread right as my game started and couldn't remember the name of the video LOL. All i remembered was it was Vidols part in some video.

so this is with songs instead of screenshots now?

Alright, this is a classic--pretty old/obscure. Let's see if anyone can get it:


Chiddy Bang- Kids


destruct - H

First one from a Salaya montage i'm guessing?

Second song from Rewind 2

Not sure if it's been used, but I immediately thought of Halo when I stumbled over it. Does some of you montage heads know?

Can you provide another video?

I'm guessing that was directed to me. Isn't the vid I posted working? It's Groove Armada - At the River.


I had to look it up because both those videos you posted are blocked in my country for some damn reason. I listened to it. It might be in a video but I have no clue what it's from.
Thanks for giving it a try! 

Thanks for giving it a try! 

You have any idea how long it took me to find the montage for that song.... I can't even watch the montage because i'm not from the right country. lol

but it's TranQ Casual Shiz ep. 16

I'll do something easy now...

Much obliged, man! I hope the search mission didn't ruin your weekend. Silly that you're not able to watch it.