Looking for an editor to edit a h3 MLG Montage

Hello,  so I am in a predicament.

I have almost 100 SICKKKKK MLG clips (NO MCC) . Im not talking BR cleanups on lvl 40s. All my clips are from my 50 in MLG nd sweaty Customs with people who are high mlg players. I have 2-3 clips on lvl40s back from 2009 when I was a level 40 but id prefer not to include them. Im talking like overkill exterm headshots, a few killtacs with sniper, a killtrocity on a lesser h3 pro with sniper, an all headshot noscope triple kill on a top pro, a stick across the map for an exterm, ect.  

But here is the predicament, this montage was originally picked up by Phurion about 2 years ago. I had some clips on a silver account so I shipped my harddive to him, but due to our xboxs being different types (mine is the original white one) the harddrive did not fit and he had to do some nerdy shit with a cable nd computer to get my clips, but in the process he accidentally wiped my harddrive of all my clips. Then, he lost the drive to edit, so now most of my clips are with him. 

Within the last year, Local picked up my montage and recently Ryan agreed that If I sent my harddrive to him, he would put all my clips back on it, then send it to the new editor (Local) who would then use it to cap angles, nd send it back to me when its done. In the time between me getting my harddrive wiped, and now I have been getting some cool clips as well, so I am looking for someone who would 100% be interested in capping the clips that I have now, (or I could just buy a fresh new harddrive and ship that to him), so that we would have access to ALL my clips.

Local doesn't seem interested anymore, as he has another montage to edit still before he even starts mine, and the way he edits in my opinion is sick for editing competitions because of his unique angles, but he seems to not be great at letting the sickest clips (like I have) speak for themselves and makes it more about the angles than the exterms if you know what I mean (Hi Geoff).

Im looking for someone who REALLY wants to make an amazing tage together, preferably more simple editing generally, I am not picky about how much experience you have cuz if its not picked up ill edit it myself on windows movie maker (noone wants to see that trust me). I don't have much money, but if your willing to collaborate on a song (im not too picky) and cap nd deal with all this bullshit then I will 100% pay you something fair for your work. I really want a montage that my friends ive made over the years can watch nd remember how much fun we had with h3.

Also depending on how much you care, im looking for one 7 minute long tage and then id make a leftovers if i felt like it with someone else cuz my leftovers will be solid. But if you REALLY wanted to make a name for yourself and put out good h3 tages, we could split it up into 2 shorter montages, and maybe even a mini or something. Just have so many good clips.

So if you would want to pick it up just let me know ill seriously appreciate it.

 Also Phurion capped most of the clips I sent him, and sent them to me. If you want to see some of my clips as an example of the caliber of clips I have then PM me and ill link you. I don't want to post them here cuz they are together and Idk if people would steal some as that has happened before :/

P.S. Most of my clips are standard MLG tryhard clips in that I am trying to win games, not go for 360 noscopes, however I do have a few clips that are unique and even social lovers would appreciate. Also I play on 4 sens but many people tell me it looks like I am on 5-6 sens cuz my controller is weird, and some of my older clips are on anywhere from 5-10 sens.

I really hope you find an editor for you cilps. I matched against you quite often in MLG and know your clips are sick. 
Thank you! I really appreciate that.  :)