I recommend shaving your asshole and all around the cheeks.  Get real deep and all nice like in there.
Go for it bud. I do it all the time for summer. Plus it's great cause you shit cleaner and wipe less. Also good if you wanna get your ass eaten. I'd recommend the little pop out trimmers that come on electric razors. If you have a tall mirror it's easier. Just kind of bend over, look between your legs and start shaving. Or if you have a small makeup swivel mirror thing that works too. Do it from the inside out. You can get close to the asshole but be careful. If you nip that little piece that goes down the middle of the gooch or even your asshole then it's gonna hurt like hell the next few days cause when you shit it stretches the cut. After you shave it'll feel weird at first cause there is no hair. You'll shafe at first but it passes. 
Where is TooMuchButtHair when you need him?
I'm a trimmer, myself. Best of luck to u
9+ years until his opportunity FINALLY arrives, and he fucking missed it...
Veet Sensitive.
do you really put that on your butthole in the shower david
then you get out and eat fage yogurt?

you can't use it in the shower; it has to sit for 5-10 minutes before being wiped away.


and I've moved on to skyr over Greek yogurt.


When I first saw this, I was thinking "What the fuck is he talking about--does he mean the puss?"


But honestly, that's up to you. I don't trim or cut or anything back there. I doubt there's anything anyway--I didn't get my facial hair until I was 24. If you yank out hairs when you wipe, then maybe.