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Just thinking about how I stared to teach myself how to edit 11 years ago in 2010 because I was inspired by all the montages I saw on here and on FBWalshyFTW and thought it was so cool and wanted to do that myself. Now I edit for a living. Crazy.

Anyone have experience with boom microphones?  I am doing a work-from-home phone thing but my employer refuses to install the noise-cancelling software that comes with my headset because it's not "company approved" even though it's from a major manufacturer (Jabra.)  Without the noise-cancelling software my $200 headset acts like a normal $5 condenser mic and picks up every little breath as there is no noise gate. 

I'm looking for a decent microphone that can cancel out the breathing artifact without having to install additional drivers that is boom-mountable.  If anyone can help suggest or point me in the right direction that would be awesome. Thank you. 

Wonder how long I've been here

15 years how in the fuck

Allison whip them tiddies out for old time sake

It has uh... Been a while... I miss this place, especially with Halo making a surprise return to my life. I did not get into any of the flights, but would love to play MCC or Infinite after release. Feel free to add me on Discord (TheBigLahey#6507) or Xbox/Steam (TheBigLahey). Speaking of Discord, what happened to the THF Discord link? Can someone invite me in? Either way, I hope you all are doing well and I would be fucking delighted to see some of you guys in-game again.

Since MCC's release on Steam, I have managed to make two—technically three—videos with my mediocre collection of clips.  Hoping to push out one final farewell to MCC/previous Halo games before Infinite, I am just having a lot of difficulty finding time and energy to edit at home...

A year later, either the forum is broke or I forgot how to forum because I can't do replies.


But @muffin, we're doing amazing relationship wise-- he is my literal rock right now! I don't remember who is connected with me on facebook or instagram. But basically 2021 has been the worst year of my life thus far. I had a miscarriage at 10.5wks over the summer, that was fucking traumatic. Had to have surgery in August after dealing with it for months and then less than 6 weeks later went for another surgery on my thyroid for a total thyroidectomy. I think people probably remember, but I was dx'd with graves disease after I had Connor and struggled through the years. Long story short, the surgeon (a student, we believe) severed my right recurrent laryngeal nerve...... and then found out in my pathology that I also have hashimoto's and papillary thyroid cancer. Cancer is contained as far as we know but the RLN is a big, big, big fuck up and the most severe complication to have. I basically went under with the hopes of expanding our family in 4-6 months and then woke up permanently disabled and not sure what the future holds. The RLN controls your voice, swallowing, breathing, eating.... I can't yell or emote and my voice is fucked but not too bad but I'm having serious breathing issues that are severely limiting my quality of life. It's been suggested that my cord (hope to god it's just one and not both cords) is paralyzed in the closed position and there's about fuck all for solutions-- surgery that entails lasering the vocal cord to increase the airway but it's permanent damage, you could lose more voice, and scar tissue can build up and if too much is done you can aspirate.... permanent tracheotomy..... the future is looking real bleak. My surgeon is hoping that since my RLN was repaired during surgery that it will reinnervate and do something for me but we don't know what that looks like and only know that my vocal cord will be permanently paralyzed regardless. We're sitting around waiting for weeks to see specialists and I've been in survival mode. I ended up in the ER twice in a week and had EMS called (which husband blanked because he didn't remember it was 911) because I had a full tetany seizure with laryngospasm and couldn't breathe.  My husband has been researching to see what europe has to offer as well since we're willing to travel just about anywhere but this shit is so rare. 


Sooo if anyone has any connections let me know! :) We're going to the Mayo clinic in Arizona in November and the surgeon's laryngologist but that's all we have so far. Pretty fucking scary to not be able to breathe. 

Nawwww I'm so sorry to hear that :( Hopefully it'll get better and I'll ask around with my friends over @ Dutch and German hospitals but I don't think they'll know either. Best of luck!!

Hey all - just thought about the old crew.  If you're still alive, there's a random dude in Oklahoma that still remembers all of our shenanigans.


If you'll be on Halo Infinite - GT:  Rebal771

time flies holy shit 

Hey everybody. I've been on Halo Infinite if anyone wants to play. For me this is the first Halo that really scratches the itch since H2. I think I'm friends with a few of you already -- my gt is the gurph

@MsTkEyes ‍ that sucks. What a crazy story, sorry that you've had to go through all of that. If you see this, I'll be curious to know how things have been the past few months. Take good care <3

why does this forum have to be dead

so depressing


Nothing like watching a YouTube video on halo speedrunning to bring back old memories. Jeez... the nostalgia is hitting hard rn. When the video mentioned I got so sad that such a glorious site was taken down 10 YEARS AGO. 

Ive actually started getting into speedrunning Metroid games and I've become top 5 in prime 1 and 2. Thinking about getting into halo speedruns as well. If any of the homies wanna reminisce yall can find me on discord at Cosmonawt#6605 or on 

This place will always have a special place is my heart ❤ 

Also its very sad that im making the first post THIS YEAR all the way in August:( 

I heard a song today that made me think of halo 2 montages. It was a Pendulum song. Made me miss being a kid.

I heard a song today that made me think of halo 2 montages. It was a Pendulum song. Made me miss being a kid.

Happens to me all the time too.

Just randomly listened to this earlier today

Saw a post on Reddit that reminded me of this site... So many memories! 
you guys think its too late for me to hit 25,000?

I love and miss you all. The only member I'm consistently in touch with after all these years is Phurion but think about this place randomly all the time. Went on a spree watching my old videos a few days ago and couldn't hold back a few tears. Was a such a huge part of my early years. If anyone ever wants to chat, whether we were close or not, add my discord - would love to catch up.


excuse me.


I often can't remember if this website actually exists.


Does anyone live in Dallas? I will be in Dallas for work Feb 13 - 18. hit me up.

hey everybody, how we doing? I got married this year, gonna move to Vienna later this summer. HMU if anyone wants to hang in europe
im good dawg thanks

Hey whats up, anyone still play hce? add me: so skunky

we have a discord for custom map sundays if anyone has mcc pc

Lol well it happened again!
since reddit has shit the bed we should all hang out here  more

why does this forum have to be dead

so depressing


It ran its course. I feel like this forum was in it's prime during Halo 2/3/Reach and then sowly started becoming less and less acitve after that.

Sad to see what it is now compared to back then. The old vbulletin forum was good times.

doesn't help that halo slowly turned to dogshit
Yeah I miss the old forum. It felt so nostalgic, even back in the day. The internet of old. 
hey Al i got me a c8 corvette :)
life crazy man it's been a fucking trip 

life crazy man it's been a fucking trip 

It really is, I remember us racing to hit 1K posts on ShatterStudios back in the day lmao.


I think about some of y'all often and miss those that aren't with us anymore. This place really helped me through rough times when I was younger and I still have lifelong friends thanks to it. 

Discord is DanteThePyro#7456 if anyone wants to catch up, I finally made it out of AZ and up to the PNW now.

life crazy man it's been a fucking trip 


Whatup bro! 

hey Al i got me a c8 corvette :)

pics or gtfo

Listened to my rock/metal playlist and holy shit the montage sequences were playing like a movie in my head. I miss you guys and love you for shaping my childhood <3 I'm fucking 31 years old now.
hey everybody, how we doing? I got married this year, gonna move to Vienna later this summer. HMU if anyone wants to hang in europe
Ayyyy yo, my girlfriend lives in Vienna and I will move there next year!