Mega Bump. Anyone been lucky with Bitcoin? at 10.4k atm
I laugh at the idea of buying in even last week and already making 10 grand. Keep thinking a crash is imminent but here we are.
bitcoin may as well just be an online casino at this point.

I would definitely recommend ETF's/index funds because of the diversity.  Some of the etfs I own right now are XLF, TAN, VV and VTTSX.

I own some tesla right now, I would honestly be careful with it. A lot of people are saying it is overpriced which it honestly probably is. I have no problem holding it for a long time so I'm not really worried to much.

I have two REIT stocks for the divident, and a couple of canadian weed stocks.

Best way to learn about stocks is to start trading with small amounts you're not afraid to lose and learn from your mistakes. If you have any questions just ask

I like BoFI holdings a lot.  It's a consumer lender (mainly large bundled mortgage lending) that's totally online, so they have some leway with offering higher interest rates to more creditworthy depositors while earning a higher spread.  I don't think solvency is at all an issue considering over 130% of their loans are backed.  It's an interesting/growing company, up ~300% past 5 yrs, although they've stabilized this year and even hit some headwinds from litigation/short attacks.  Their numbers are off the charts (efficiency ratio (compared to large banks) and valuation (p/e) compared to other small lenders).  They're recently moving into partnerships with larger lenders (H.R. Block to gain market share.)  Bought back in March up maybe 20% ish?

GM would probably be my next fav.  I pumped a good amount in when I noticed they were the lowest valued stock in the S&P beginning of '17.  Few sizable headwinds (#1 probably being they will always wear the scarlett letter of bankruptcy from '08  #2 most economists report we're rounding the peak of the auto-cycle, emission scandals, self driving cars).  Their new mgmt team with Mary Barra at the helm has been crushing it and the stock is still trading at a bargain.  It seems that they're committed to crossover and hybrid sales which are much higher margins and less at the behest of cyclical demand.  Can also be said they have positioned themselves as one of the forerunners in terms of autonomous vehicles, which they have only been recognized for recently.  If they can capture a sizable chunk of the electric vehicle market, which is a strong possibility considering tesla's production issues and cash burn, I could see this thing doubling by end of 2018. 

I think NVDIA is going to continue its trajectory they're at the forefront of autonomous vehicles, video games, and crypto.  They had run up so much from 2016 I decided to stay away unfortunately.

I solely do ETFs now due to compliance reasons from working in industry, it's probably better for my portfolio, but less exciting.  I had thought about the Weed ETF but the holdings are very strange - i.e. - Scott's Miracle Grow being overweight when a tiny sliver of their business is cannabis related.  I'm in a VanEck generics and biosimiliars fund that I had thought would be pretty recession proof and mirror economic output. 

I dabble in Crypto as well it's intriguing but it's a whole other animal.  Right now it's mostly dumb money, but I think it will continue to rise as institutions starts to flow in from hedge funds etc.      


I bought ETH when it was 78 dollars.