ATTN: anyone with XBL 48 hour codes

To anyone with spare 48 hour codes lying around, I'd love to have them. The more the better, and willing to pay $3-4 for each one. HMU if you're interested :)
I'll toss u one but why do u want them lol just curious

While I'm normally completely against making new accounts to hit easy clips, I have a few super creative ideas for H4 clips that rely on CSR1 idiots and no amount of deranking on my main will match me against the sort of people I need to hit them.

PM me and I'll paypal u <3

Are you on xb1 or 360? If xb1, you only need gold on one account.. can run as many accounts as you want.
Yeah, I figured that out. I'm playing on the 360 though, and $10 for one month of XBL is a bit steep
Ooh, is this legit?
Yeah, G2A is a legit org.