THF Movie Competition 2014 - Final Day of Voting!

Best Video Final Group
01/31/2015 - 8:29am


We're here, from 117 montages you have selected a top 5 for the Best Video award in the THF Movie Competition 2014.

We are allowing 1 vote this round and you will not be able to see the poll results until the poll closes. Please carefully consider your votes and try not to make mistakes, it is harder for us to fix misclicks with this system.

800$ goes to the top 3 of this poll, 200$ to Subcategory Winners, these winners will all be announced simultaneously after this poll closes.  For the contenders, make sure you have a Paypal ready and an idea of how to handle that between editor and player(s) if needed so there are no issues.


FatRat M3 - by FatRat

Intro the tranQ - by SillyGoose

Immortal Part 3 - by Sk0ls

Toasty RM1 - by Zhestal

ROOTS - by B SiK