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Nice decision Z
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seems like a good idea but what about old members do they still need a certain amount of replies to make a new thread?
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thats a great idea, that combined with the IP ban, now most of the spammers will be gone

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i love it... great idea...
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nice job mods and z hopefully this works
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thats a good idea
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No more useless threads...
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i think thats an amzing idea but i hate it becvasue uive been her forever and i juts read i dont post because im not a big poster but i geuss that can change..... good idea but i will hate it unitl i can get to that post limit but i dont spam at all ever look at all of my posts made i have never spammed so iunno good idea overall

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nice idea...glad you went through with it
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good going z!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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