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Default Will halo Wars go MLG?

Do people think MLG will pick up halo wars in its competitions? I dont know if there are any other rts in mlg or if halo wars would even be suitable for comps. What do ppl think?
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No, I think a RTS on MLG would be so dumb one of the most boring things to watch no way its in the MLG

For GB yes they put everygame that has any sort of mutliplayer in GB.
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I highly doubt it Idk how you could be an MLG pro at that game.

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Originally Posted by skeRer View Post
second that.

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Dat transition

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god i hope not!!!

but it would be fun to be in GB just no way anyone wants to watch that lol
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If you care so much then go post on the MLG Pro forums. And no, they wont.

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no way its a frickin strategy game

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i hope to god it doesnt

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Nah MLG is about fast-paced competition and being exciting to watch (So god only knows why they have Gears in there). Its as much a spectator sport as it is a competition.

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