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what the fuck i thought this was the WIP thread
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This was helpful, a lot of it was true. I'll keep this in mind thanks!
I make videos, and put them on YouTube for the world to see! Hopefully you'll stop by and enjoy them <3
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Originally Posted by GTS View Post

been on adderral all day so I decided to speak my mind before I get too lazy to do so.
long read ahead, feel free to turn back now.

inb4 f..k u gayb u black asshewl

If you’re new to editing, make sh.tty videos. You have to make a whole lot of awful videos before you can make a damn good one. You learn by doing, so download a sh.t ton of plugins and experiment like you’re f..kin Galileo.

If you aren’t proficient with programs yet, your only chance of success is your creativity. If someone does the best they can with what they know how to do, then all power to them. I can't hate on a video with good ideas, no matter how poorly they were executed.

Basically, be like backfire. Granted, his early videos never had anything to them, but I have to respect the guy for making atleast 15 pieces of straight doodoo and refusing to stop. At first I thought the guy was crazy spending countless hours without making 1 thing worth watching. But jokes on me, because that kid now knows how to do just about every effect in the book, and they look damn good too. I didn’t realize how he got just a teeny bit better with each video he made, and right now his sh.ts the bomb, he'd never believe me but I'm truly jealous of his ability.

A common trap people fall into these days is hiding behind the safety of “chill” videos. People make “chill” videos because they believe they are immune to flame, for their video is so clean and does a great job of highlighting the gameplay. Honestly, suck my Great editing highlights the gameplay. If you want to edit to express yourself, then don’t edit for fags who want to impress kids on MLG pro. "but dewd my friend element just aked me to throw this together for him dewd." Don't be a tool, he can do that sh.t himself. If you absolutely have to make a “chill” video, don’t even bother crediting yourself as the editor.

Have some pride when you post your video.

Don’t make excuses when you post your video.

Don’t state how many minutes you spent editing, it doesn't matter at all.
There's no equation of time spent/quality of video = skill of editor. There's only what you make.

Try yourself on for size; have your own thing. No matter how ridiculously out of the box your ideas are, do them with confidence.
I doubt Hyena has ever opened AE in his life, but his videos are more memorable then yours will ever be.

Don’t ever let anyone choose your songs.

Don’t fiend multiple projects at a time.
And if you really have to, definitely don’t put a list of “current projects” in your sig that spans over 2 titles, thats gay.

If you edit videos longer than 3 minutes using only AE, you are doing more work than you need to.
If that wasn’t true, you wouldn’t brag about it.

Twixtor is not an effect. It is a necessary compensation for the low framefrate of console games.
Use it for smooth slow motion, and only for smooth slowmotion.

Don’t add motion blur to all your angles just because sor3 tells you to. Do it because you realize yourself how sexy it looks.

If you spend time on a video and demonstrate original intent, your video is the sh.t no matter what anyone says.
If half of your response is hugely positive and half is hugely negative, that means urdoingitright! Your video has style.

People can critique your music choice as much as they want, it's not always a matter of taste.
There are songs that could easily work for halo, then there are songs that work for halo only if you spend the time to make them work for halo. Before you pick a song you should ask yourself if there is enough substance to inspire ideas while you work.

Don't take projects from control freaks.

Feel free to accept criticism from people who's opinions you value, but don't ever think you have to.

If you are getting paid by an MLG pro to throw clips on a timeline with screamo music… good for you, you lucked out. But don’t think for a second that you are immune to all the flame in the world. That’s something you have to accept if you sell out.

Despite how I come off sometimes, I don't think I'm better than anyone, and I'm not making this thread with any intent to separate myself from the rest of you. I'd be lying my ass off if I said I'd followed these rules since the beginning. I made this list because I wish I knew all this stuff when I started editing. I hate how little I know about editing and how long things take me because of how scared I was to leave my comfort zone.

good luck with your future projects!
So much true words and i agree with the most of it.
I made alot of mistakes in the past myself and your post made some more clear to me.
Btw. i hope i'll see some from you again soon. Cant wait!

Thanks bro, awesome post/thread.

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bump, great thread and OP
Originally Posted by Ian View Post
stagga stood with his palms in a sweat
wetter than eminems, i would bet
but his voice in a mic
was something to like
he'll be drowned in a pussy quartet


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