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Mr Ibanez 24
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Headshot glitch with the sniper rifle. Hitting them, seeing blood, and then not getting the kill, or even damage, is a real problem sometimes. Same goes for the occasional problem with the laser.

Frontal assassination glitch needs to be patched. Being punched in the face and assassinated.

stickyfrag needs to be fixed (still haven't figured out wtf causes that to happen)

I once had a really strange glitch in which I was holding the sniper rifle, and it disappeared completely, I had to zoom in and back out again to get it to re-appear. Only happened once though.

Rarely occuring crash problem with the game. Has anyone else had their game lock up and freeze the whole xbox 360?
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AR should be less powerful with alot more ammo

inv. for customs
I play halo 3 and COD 4

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Hey folks...
I've just started playing H3 on xbox live, and am getting pwnd hard... but that's not the issue.
As of last night whenever I'm about to start a match i get disconnected from Xbox live, and sent back to the main menu. I havn't betrayed, insulted or done anything to anyone (not even really shot them).
I've not had problems wiith any other games (gta, GH3 and Fifa08 all work fine). Any idea what might be wrong.
I searched the form but found nothing the same as this???

Ta for the help... flame me if i'm being dumb.

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Well ever since the fixed the melee system i've been relatively happy.
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I'm tired of hitting people in the back and shotting someone in the face about 6 times when they're one shot and they still dont die.
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I would like to fix:
-objective in team doubles its very fucking stupid a lot of it is about spawns like guardian ball one team spawns next to the oversheild giving them a huge advantage.
-people being able to host boot.

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Blackout should be exactly like Lockout
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removed the martidom!! this is not COD4

add 4 customs

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The Network Connection lag outs.
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make black in to lockout :\


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