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Theatre - badly needs improved rewind and ability to jump to any point in time PLUS films should include bookmarks of key points - trying to see last section of a campaign film takes 20 minutes of forward winding!
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IMO, The Shotgun should contain less ammo.
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Just fix the ranking system. Going with a team of 4 in Slayer = Slow ranking like a MF'er. When you go in as a team of 4, you face another team of 4...So therefore, ranking up should stay the same as you would going in Solo.
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The consistency of the sniper is questionable.

The hitboxes should be fixed, and the theater should be fixed.

She means the world to me...
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64 player servers pls.
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Originally Posted by arbitrationus View Post
i think bungie got it more or less right with halo 3, beatdowns got fixed so im happy
oh god yes. The beat down system used to be seriously messed up and I would so pissed off. Im glad they fixed it.

My suggestions: Fix the ranking system. There are some major bugs with it that have been disscussed a million times.
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I think the biggest problem that needs fixed is the spawn points. Its retarded u kill people then 5 seconds later there respawned right behind you. Or when u die u get spawned right next to the other team this single handedly is a big reason 4 some peoples lowered k/d ratio!!!
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i hate the spawn on swat, spawns in general, and i agree with the ar stuff. not sure if anyone else feels this way, but i think there should be a rank lock every 10 ranks, cuz im playing ts and im going down bcuz i get team mates who go like -6 or worse, while i go possitive, but i cant make up for multiple team mates who do that bad. im getting paired up with uber noobs at like rank 40 wtf!!!!
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br battles.
host should not almost win them just because he has host.
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people I have sold/traded accounts too.
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*Fix ranking system

*Fix hit Boxes

*Ability to reset Rank through

*Manditory DLC Requirements for certain Playlists

*Ability to change Gravity on certain objects ala Flag, Ball, Warthog (Flag, so u can through it higher)

*Spectator Mode, 14 can watch 2 people do a 1v1 or up to 8 people can watch to teams do a 4v4 etc.



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