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Fix beat down system and release some arena style competitive maps and I'm all smiles. I'm pretty sure they are working on both so
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i think the new boarding system is stupid. they might as well just make it so that if you get boarded, its an instant kill. it might as well be
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Beatdown System all together. I'm tired of beating someone down, and then dieing from my No-Shields counterpart a second later. It needs to go back the the H2 systerm ... give melee's a damage rating, if you don't have enough sheilds to cover a melee, you die. Period.
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Exclamation Resetting Profiles

Okay, a serious and unique problem i think. When we play custom multiplayer on my own console locally with my friends their profiles are reset ie. their colour scheme is reset, their embelms changed etc. It only happens to some profiles, never to mine. Any idea why this is happening? Any help would be really appreciated.
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Default Weapon and Map reduction

I personally think that they need to get rid of some of the weapons and maps here. I personally dont like The needler and spike guns. Noyone uses the Spike gun and the needles are just to powerful. The needles put to much emphasis n the game and i think that they have to much damage when you get hit by them.

THe maps i personally dont like Epitaph because its a stupid layout. And i also think that nobody else likes it the other maps have strategy and you control a certain part of the maps. whereas Epitaph is all about timing rockets and shotgun spawn times.

Let me know what you think guys i want to here your imput.

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I know this thread is pretty old but heres my opinion
This might be pretty far out, but I think it should be much harder to kill somebody. I like halo pc, where 3 shot kills with a pistol and sniper headshots are much harder to get than using a BR or h3 sniper. Players should be rewarded for great aim. One thing maybe would be to take off the crosshair stickiness where it moves slower over enemies for all weapons, so that every person doesn't always get a 4sk or 5sk with BR. Just about every close distance weapon should be weakened.
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Idk if anyones mentioned it but i think being able to record voice is game and pre game lobby would be a fantastic update, im sure some may disagree because of noise spammers but that would get rid of people like that.

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the beatdown system. the br spread. the elite shoulders. new maps. old maps. bxr, double shot, bxb to be FOUND
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I don't know if this is just a plain lag problem, or just me..but has any body else stuck a person with a plasma and you hear it stick their body, then the seconds before you can HEAR the charge of the plasma...then it just disappears and doesn't blow up?

That's happened a couple of times to me and if this is fixable, I'd definitaly like to see it fixed.
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The maps need serious work. its the same thing every time. Run for the Rockets, active camo, and sword on the pit. Camp in the middle room on the pit. Run for the cave in snowbound. Grab shotty in the cave, camp. Take the top of construct , grab the sword, and wait by the elevator. Run for the sniper, rocket launcer, and shotty on Narrows. Run back to your side and camp.

I havent even bothered to dl the new maps, because i know it will be the same old same old every time. I wish bungie would realize this, even though the majority of the problems are because of the players doing the same thing every time, and not trying something new


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