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skill points shud b given out diffrently im prty annoyed evry time i do gud in a game me and team stil end up losin
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Originally Posted by ToBeY View Post
So, instead you would rather be given the same spawn, basically in their scope every time, to prevent being assassinated? It's good that spawns randomize like that, it gives the other team a chance if they lose a portion of the map.
There is big difference between spawning behind someone, and having a randomized spawn, I mean hell, almost all the maps are bigger then H2 maps so there are plenty of places for them to spawn.

BEST EXAMPLE: High Ground, standing around where the sniper spawns with the sniper, and having them spawn behind you, or to the left of you, and them being within the distance to AR you and/or grenade you.

When it comes down to it, anytime I spawn or the enemy spawns in a flanking position needs to be taken out, that is unfair no matter what the score is.
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The overshield man. So weak it adds what half of a sheild? Only usefull in a straight up 1 v 1 battle AR to AR. At least let me live a headshot.

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I'd like to see the plasma rifle's damage go up. Otherwise it's a useless weapon, and moreso double wielding. Two plasma rifles should be able to stop one person with a rifle, unless they frag you.

Same with the brutel shot.

Agreed on the grenade damage...kill and damage radius should be incresed on both.
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Agreed about the nades and the brue shot, but I like the plasma rifle as it is. It's a sheild taker, nothing more and nothing less, and they've made it possible to actually kill with now, unlike in H2.

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i'm glad they fixed the Smg now you can dual weild it with the plasma rifle and actually do enough damage to sheild and body.... however the needler is overpowered, but it can be handled if strafe to the side and head TOWARDS the person who is shooting at you.. though the main thing i think is the nades.. they just dont feel powerful enough unless you either stick'em or have it blow up in there face.. but i guess thats because they're not there to remove shields. but to kill the opponent as they run or as a no-go area (do you run towards a frag grenade thus allowing you to be sheparded)..
overshield is fine and H3 is still a better FPS then any other on the 360 at the moment
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This is my personal opionon but I feel if Bungie wants to make weapons like the shotgun and the mauler so powerful that they should defintley add a BXR to Halo 3. I feel that would make the game a lot more balanced
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i dont think the shotgun and mauler are over powered... they both have extremely short range... if you know of a corner most ppl camp at.. jump when you reach it and stick em with a nade... if no-ones there, well then you just lost a nade... better safe then a lower KpD
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Yea I think that the grenade strength should be changed because there have been a lot of times where players are standing on grenades with low shield and they just loose their shield. But if only one thing has to be changed I think that the melees should be switched. I land a lot of melees before the person i'm fighting and i still get killed which is aggrivating. everything else is not a big deal and can be dealt with.
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  • Fire Grenades In MM
  • Fuel Rod Cannon In MM
  • Guass Warthog In MM
  • Hornet In MM
  • Snowbound Oddball Removed
  • V.I.P. Isolation Removed
  • V.I.P. Vallhalla Removed
  • Be Able To Throw 'Nades Further
  • Carbine Available As Starting Weapon
  • 'My Language' Changed To 'My Country'
  • Team Snipers Playlist
  • M.V.P. Decided More On Kills
  • First Person View In Warthog Passenger
  • Plasma 'Nades Kill Vehicles When Stuck
  • No 5 Minute "Preparing" In Theater Mode
  • No Removing The Cross-Hairs When Zooming In, In Theater Mode (Cut Clips)
  • Show What Playlist Is Selected When In Lobby
  • Change Weapons Slightly Faster
  • Slightly Bigger Clip In The Assault Rifle
  • Re-skin the Battle Rifle
  • Lose 5 EXP When Quitting Out Of A Ranked Game (Only 1 In Social)
  • Tiny Bit More Auto-Aim On Plasma Pistol
  • Faster Brute Shot Bullets
  • Downloadable Armor In The Future
  • Customizable Leg Armor
  • Pistol Bullets Stronger
  • Flip-Back Melee With Pistol
  • Slightly Faster Reload With Sniper
  • Plasma Rifle Made Stronger
  • Turret Ammo Bar Actually Full When Full
  • Trip Mines Activate Faster
  • Fixed Button Delay In Co-op
  • Sniper More Accurate Through 5x Scope


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