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uber n00b (level 2)
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thanks, this will help a lot

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thanks, i hope this helps me, i tend to get my a** handed to me in 1v1's loll.
Level 11
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THANK YOU. i usually get stuck with gettin bad spawns in 1v1. but now i no what to do in that situation
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next time i play 1v1 ill try this stuff out
uber n00b (level 2)
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thats a load to read @_@
my advice rides his lines, but the main thing is: HEADSHOTS WIN GAMES!!!
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1v1 sucks, jk all those tips are pretty true
And I'll make you famous.
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It's pretty simple.

Go find the spherical blue things, throw them randomly.

You are now as good as me.
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I liked those tips a lot sicK.

Thats what I do all the time actually
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This helps me understand the basics and some easy strategies. And it probably will help me a little in 1v1's. But there are so many variables that would vary your gameplay. I advise everyone to try and follow these strategies when you can, but lets face it, you cant make all of these moves in every situation. All in all, its a good write up. Thanks for the 1v1 help.
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