Llama: Master Chief Recollection - A Halo 2 Montage

Thanks to Fatal for the edit.  Just happy we were able to submit something before the deadline.

This game has been apart of my life since the release of it in 2004.  My brother and I formed a decent relationship due to this game.  I will never forget when I lost his level 17 and he about killed me - but the next day the levels reset and when he got on and had a level 1 he had thought I lost ALL HIS RANK.  I don't think a lot of people know the back story to my GT so here is a brief explanation, basically my mum bought me a beanie made out of alpaca llama fur so my gamertag was LlamaHat26 (because LlamaHat1-LlamaHat25 was taken Kappa).  The hat got thrown in the washing machine by accident and was ruined sadly (RIP Llama Hat 2005-2007).  Eventually I changed my gamertag to "iiama" with the 2 i's being capitalized.  A few GT's later, after losing iiama to innactivity, I am now known as "amalL".  Anyways, I joined this forum in early 2006 and since then I have met so many awesome people.  H2F changed the way I looked at the game, played the game, watched the game, and most importantly who I played the game with. I didn't get a credits page so I will just thank a few people at the end of this wall of text.  My first montage was released in 2008 and was edited by Tanker CMXL and can be found here.  It says it was my 2nd but really it was my 1st legit montage.  It was captured on my Dazzle DVC 80 - hence the amazing quality.  My youtube channel has other content and can be found here.

I named this montage "MCR" because of the incredible amount of memories it carries with it.  I can still get on this game today and enjoy myself - there isn't many things in life you can say you still love after 10+ years (shitttt, the average length of a US marriage is 7 years - yes...I looked it up).  For many gamers the newest game is all the rave, but for me it has always been Halo 2.  It was my first love and will be my last love (video game wise, of course).  Thanks for watching and I hope you enjoyed!


DantethePyro (Colin) and the original H2S crew BunnyPajamas, Diablo and Shunt.  Dr Rocko AlcoholicSn1per G BaggaH Sureshot Imthecaptain Alen Amanai BxSouljah HAble Hustla L3Oniii MCMASTABOOBOO63 Tanker Scace Sk0ls Zibby and so many more. 



Oh shit, when did llama get jaro's?
glad you got this to come out man. thanks for the shout out. Favorite clip was the smoke triple. good work boys.
Nice video Llama, thanks for the shout out as well.

Talked to Llama already for a bit, so I'll just leave this here. <3


Very enjoyable montage!
Thanks for all the kind words fellas!
I am soo happy Halo 2 montages are coming out in full force for this contest. I enjoyed this all the way through, Hable's reaction video pretty much sums up my feelings. Some dirty clips in there; Smoke triple is the one that comes to mind for sure. Thanks for getting this out and best of luck in the contest. 
Really nice video you got here, short and sweet. Thought all the clips were really good my favorites were the first snipe on hable, S3-S4 jump up snipes, and of course that smoke triple shot!

You sexy beast

I love how your teammate just smacks you in the middle of your jaro at 2:23. You probably deserved it though since you literally can't go a game without betraying randoms lol.

so many jaros...lost count on that last clip. Well done my friend. Also good on Fatal for picking this up on short notice.

this gave me a Master Chief Erection. very solid video Llama. sucks to hear about your previous editor situation. also very solid work to Fatal. as DJ Khaled would say "I like that..."
that video was so cute and awesome
also fatal stop editing you're showing us all up pal
Congrats on FP mayne.
Thanks Travis! It's an honor.

Llarma 10 years well spent mate.

sucks you lost so many clips. Thanks for adding me in the credits. Here's to the next 10 years. Good job on FP. 

Thanks A-MAN-E :)

It seems my reign as sword champion has come to an end with that last clip Llama.

Finally got around to watching this and it was very enjoyable. You had some great gameplay in there. It's awesome to see all these old names putting out H2 videos.

Hey Matt, thanks for the shoutout!  It's a real shame that Savagr completely bailed on you and went silent.  But now you know to never give someone all of your clips without first backing them up in multiple spots yourself just in case.  

I liked the title of the project.  The first couple of plays on Steve were great.  The Lockout ceiling stick on Leo at 0:52 was tight.  Dude Llama , you're the king of the S4 snipe lol.  I'm really not digging this music, but to each their own.  The Sanc multi jaro at 2:26 was probably my favorite clip.  I still remembered when you first showed me that ridiculous sword clip on Middy.  Nice job on the editing side of things Fatal.   Thank you guys for entering into the montage contest.  

Thanks for the nice comments guys! Let's get some other montages front paged for this contest (for the one that can FP vids)
I truly enjoyed this.  Wonderful music, too.  Here's to you! <3
There can only be one...
that was dope, team jaro x4 or some shit jezus
HEAH, you lost your Llama hat! 
Short, sweet, yummy gameplay with good editz. An all round good time...........HAble get fuqd at the beginning.