My Top 10 Halo 3 Montage Trailers

Hello guys this is my Top 10 halo 3 montage trailers. Hope you guys enjoy and remember this is my opinion.  If you think im missing a trailer or would have switched something up tell me. Would love to know everyone's opinions. Thanks and enjoy :)

Nostalgia trip


I completely forgot that I had a capture card at one point. I captured that Mad Max trailer lol. Was so proud of the angles I got for em. 



Oh man, lists like this for trailers are just such a depressing thing because of all the amazing projects that never came out. Pretty solid list. I've never seen a bunch of those, so props for the knowledge and the ability to come up with those. I don't have any comment on the placing, but I will say that this trailer is my personal favourite.

Apathy is definitely one of my favourite trailers. However, I'd put Polak and Pistola's trailer at my number one spot, followed by maybe Legacy's trailer. I also thought Snipetality did a pretty great job with the Snip3down trailer.

Damn I've never seen that trailer, was great but for me it still wouldn't make the top 10. Was better then a couple of the honorable mentions though. Loved the sniper transition. It is sad that montages like "beauty and the Beast",  "Polak and Pistola's", "Flatline", "Triple Threat" and "Tunnel Vision" never came out. I would even say Snipedowns montage never came out. Pretty sure Vidol originally was doing something totally different until Eric made him change it. His scrapped render IMO was the sickest edit i ever saw. Never really liked his montage even though everyone loved it.

Also glad i could show you a couple of new trailers. It was really hard trying to figure out what the Top 3 was, took me forever.  

I always go back and watch old shit remembering the good days and have been recently just making lists for fun . Probably going to make a top 10 Halo 2 and maybe Reach trailers in the future. I'm  Also thinking of making Top 10 Intros, Transitions, Credits, Etc...

IDk what it is with Polak and Pistola's trailer with me, i like it but i think the song just doesnt do it for me. I never got hyped watching it. I remember clearly though the day Ghosters trailer released and how hyped it got me without showing any gameplay at all...  Polak and Pistola's trailer just never did that. With Snipedowns trailer by Snipetality i only did trailers when H3 was relevant. Also i think that trailer had almost every Halo in it not just H3. 


@snipedowns tage. Pretty sure the same thing happened with Clouds tage by Vidol. Had a ridiculous render from that but Cloud told him no. We missed out on some sick stuff because of pros wanting simple.
I still love that it's a montage called Apathy and it's trying to get you psyched up for it. Classic halo community putting dumb names on montages.

Yeah, some of the pro montages were let downs. At least Best Mans was amazing.  


Can't forget the most disappointing of them all, the Status Quo montage. I still can't believe pTw edited those first two songs. Also, this shake just makes me laugh every time.

IMO the most disappointing was Clouds with status quos next but i agree. The trailer was so good and when the montage dropped i was pretty disappointed.  Like the intro i love it but what is with the three bullets being no where near the head? Was always weird to watch. I agree with the random camera movement during the songs. I know PTW wasn't the only person that edited that montage though it was like all of  Prestigious Films, Zanster, Insane, whoever else.  So maybe the first two songs weren't PTW?  Idk
They were. Insane edited the third song, Zanster only did the intro and credits. I've confirmed it with him but you can tell by that signature pTw sniper shot.

Best Man's tage is still one of the best ever. Just so perfectly edited.

Lol @ that Status Quo gif.

On the bright side, a couple of sick pro tages will be out very soon. I know Muggsy has been working on Snipedown's MCC montage, and Snipetality has been working on Ace's Halo 5 (and maybe MCC not sure) montage. 

I'm so hyped for Snipedown's tage. Muggsy is a fucking beast, cannot wait to see that edit. Unfortunately, I don't think Snipetality is going to finish Baksmak's Reach final which has some incredibly good gameplay (like 80 top tier clips, no filler). I was really looking forward to that coming out in time for the comp :/