Katalyst : Halo 2 Montage 1

Here is my first Halo 2 video ever. All I ever wanted to do was release a halo 2 montage back in the day but I didn't even own a computer let alone know what a capture card really was at the time. I realize it is kind of short but I ran into quite the trouble with my computer acting up and crashing way too many times to count. With the deadline approaching I really wanted to get it out in time before it crashed for good. I added drums for the first time and more piano with the music which was all written, recorded and played by me. Hope you guys enjoy and let me know what you think!


dope stuff, man! 
Loved it dude, awesome!
Some neat clips, cool that you did the music yourself as well!
Always love tages when the music is original. Nice lil video! The gameplay reminded me of old H2 tages, with the emphasis on cheeky snipes and sticks rather than just getting as high a multi as possible. Edit was very basic but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Nice job dude!

Absolutely loved this. Major rep on using your own tunes, too. We've seen it a few times through the years but it's always welcome in my opinion. Loved the footage. It really made it seem like you enjoy the fuck out of the game, which is great.

Always been a fan of your Filburt avy, now I get to be a fan of your Halo content! Glad you were able to make this.

That was a cool video, even cooler that the music was created by you.


Can you please confirm that you have paid the $5.00 entry fee for the THF Montage Contest by sending me a PM with payment details (transaction dat& email address)?

The straight up stick into the double on the OS guy on Beaver was pretty solid.   I'm glad that you did the music for your own montage again.  I remember that was one thing that made you standout in the last montage contest.  Dude why are you so good at getting kills inside the bases?  Your sniper is persistent.  The last clip was neat.  I liked this vid man, you definitely nailed the chill and laidback vibe here.  

awesome stuff man


I loved this so much. Awesome job, dude.