GinG :: Unfortunate Son :: A Halo MCC Funtage

Like I said in my last funtage I posted, I'd make another one in about 2 weeks or so. So here it is, just threw this together really quick. Some funny/ embarrassing stuff in here, enjoy.

I noticed there's some parts of the first song where the audio is messed up, not sure why that happened. I think I just got the song like that for some reason.

Get Guardians meleed dawg.

Fun video with some pretty hilarious deaths/betrayals.


Stop killing meeeeee

-__- fuck you for that carbine shit..

I laughed multiple times while watching this, it was very enjoyable.

Well now you ask me!
Was a really fun watch. I love when the most random things happen, like blocks or players falling out of the sky block your view and make you kill yourself. One thing I have to point out though is that the CCR song could've been edited a bit better. :)
Whoah, how the hell do you reload the carbine while shooting like in 0:45?
That Ghost clip at the beginning was nucking futs