Mantis : Slaying Mantis Trilogy (Halo 3)

This Trilogy combines the 3 parts of the (documentary) Montages "Slaying Mantis".  Mantis is probably most known for his part in "Double Dragon" together with Hyena but this guy has such great content to be a Name for himself.

The videos have a voiceover from a docu. about Mantis' and makes this a very enjoyable watch. You hear the narrator talk about what killer insect it is while you see people getting "Lightning-" sniped and generaly outsmarted.
Editing and GP by Mantis.
I love this series and his playstyle and was surprised how less views his Videos had.In my opinion this guy deserves a bit more attention.
His YT channel:

Since Mantis haven't signed up here  I asked for permmition to post it here and it looks like I got it :) .


i got it now. posting it in here and posting it in the archive doh!
Cool to see the gameplay progress..
I really enjoy this series. Mantis is the kitty's titties.
Woo Croo! I fucking love this so much.