Thought I would submit something to the contest. Nothing huge. Hope you enjoy! yes

Also shoutout Swanky Lemon for capturing some of the clips





It seems you just used a different effect and filter for every clip which was kinda weird for me. I liked the gameplay and transitions though.
Really enjoyed the syncing here
ns tac exterm to troc was niiiiice

Agreed, that was my favorite clip in here. I wonder who capped that one, Frezz ;)

I don't see this video winning any major awards but it's definitely a cool little short that I'll like and watch again later. I didn't mind the different CC  + effects to be distracting, and the GP was certainly pretty cool (H2A exterm was neat)

aw shit I forgot to give credit for that ahah I knew I forgot something
I like the intro a lot.  First time seeing Hable's little video in a nother montage.  All these effects are pretty cute as well.  Nice little entry dude.  Thanks for the submitting something to the cotnest.
Hey, this was pretty good. I do think a tage of this length should not have that amount of coloring (I honestly think no tage should have coloring) but the rest of the edit was good. Pretty chill yo!