After eleven years at this place, never thought I'd return a couple years back only to find myself with my hands on this video. This is the only proper way to end my time doing this. I thank Hyena a ton for giving me the opportunity with these clips of his. I have been through so much in my time with Halo a quick post will do that time no justice, so I will leave with just a simple, thanks.

- Halzred

From the Hyena himself: One of the last big solo projects from myself, must thank Halzred for taking the time to create this, we hope THF & the Community enjoy it, thanks  




fucking good shit, Beau. awesome to see H2 being pushed to even more boundaries in 2016. hope to see a couple more H2 vids from ya in the future wink
Fucking insane man, every clip made me go wtfff.
Man... Goosebumps the entire way through. BEST montage I have seen in a long time
Dude speechless..
omggg that last clip. 
Halo 2 Mastery
You've fucking mastered this game man, couldn't have loved the video any more.
Most insane vid I've ever seen, top notch!
Im still shaking.....

Speechless. Absolutely fucking speechless.

Also lmfao at the zuby chat as we all fucking watched it.

Had to rewind like 10 times, so much cool shit I have to watch it a couple more times to even fully appreciate it all. Edit was dope too.
I've been waiting to see this ever since I watched the trailer. Was not disappointed one bit. I was a little worried that the focus on the creativity of the kills would overall lead to a lower standard of gameplay than in your Supreme Demonstration video but I think you guys did a great job of implementing both the creative type kills and the onslaught of sniper multis that I've come expect from you. Really it's no surprise that this video is awesome considering who the gameplay and editing are from. Sweet video. One of maybe 6 or 7 H2C videos I've downloaded to watch again later. Can't say enough good things about it. Your style of sniping is something that I cannot recall seeing from anyone else in all of the years I've played. It's like your playing MW2 lol, just the quickest of the quickscopes. Love it.

i.... i just.....

that last launch

all the clips



<3 Gnarly as fuck 
God damnit Beau. God fucking damnit.
Logged back in just to comment. Amazing video, amazing gameplay. Hyena, somehow, continues to produce original gameplay. Honestly mind blowing this time. Every time I think that I'd seen it all, Hyena comes out with a new video and proves me wrong. Just incredible. 
Just insane. Probably the most creative gameplay h2 has or ever will see. The video concept with the sniper falling off narrows was pretty sick too. 10/10
Some incredible gameplay here. The beaver creek nade snipe stick was mind blowing. Multis were lacking but the orginailty made up for it. Well done guys.
fkn Goat that's all i gotta say

Was really curious what it would be like on both gp and editing. Halz I think you did great, I wasnt sure if flashy Halz wouldve worked with yeners GP so I was wondering to the style. It was clearly a Halzred video but def customized excellently to what we expect from a yeners vid. Major props to that. You might not get the spotlight here, but thats because youve shown that spothlight on the gameplay in a great way.

As for Yeners, man you really showed the game I love in a great light here. I've probably done most of these things at one time and freaked the fuck out about it, but to do them all on purpose and have them all together like this just makes me happy. Was really wondering how heavy you'd go on the innovative stuff and I'm still unsure if a few clips from your lead-up videos wouldnt have fit great here but thats after talk of little consequence. I just really enjoyed it, thanks for this.

Some of the most creative H2C gameplay I've seen. I did find the focus on trick/tactical plays a bit of a change of pace and something that set this vid apart from your other videos, especially supreme demonstration. The noob combo deflection, rocket stop, and fucking STICKY MELEE AWAY were insane. I'll probably make another post when I've had time to reflect but for now I'm just in awe. Superb job, both Hyena and Halzred.
Damn that was epic, ive been itching to use that song, but glad someone put it to such good use
You take that prize money and find yourself the most beautiful black escort money can buy, you've earned it. Maybe tag team her with Halzred idk
Thanks a lot for the feedback so far THF!

The worst thing about this video. Everyone will go to his preferred halo and try "some" shit. But after a couple hours we'll come back knowing...only one is capable to do such things.

mindblowing material beau...again.

that was fucking perfect, the pans, vibe, creativity had great synergy throughout the whole video. great work both of you.

I...I got a double kill yesterday.



Glad everyone enjoyed. Will get back to responses on Monday!
Silly how entertaining that vid was! Great job on portraying the gameplay and creating an intense and magic atmosphere, Halzred. The amount of groundbreaking and filthy plays you managed to pull off for this one is just nuts, Hyena.  Hats off! 

I really, really liked the clip selection for the different parts of the song. The way the sticky melee clip was edited was perfect imo


And like Slater said, a lot of these little things we may have seen happen in games every now and then, but putting together so many instances of you doing it intentionally is crazy impressive. Gameplay was incredible.

This... was just great. Nice to a H2 montage without middy ffa.
Rad. Liked how it tied to the story of previous videos. Amazing snipes, and the vast use of "glitches" was something you don't see often. My favorite had to be the homing rocket on Burial Mounds. Great edit by Halzred, too! Only thing bothering me was the audio levels, the sound broke out sometimes really bad.
Great work in this tage. I can definitely see you put a lot of effort in this and Im glad it paid off.  You really pushed the H2's mechanics to its limits in this one.