Post your first ever Montage Thread

So i was watching my first halo video i ever made today, thinking about how nice it is to be able to see where i started and where i am now and i thought it might be a nice idea for some of you guys to share your first videos, if only for nostalgia's sake.

I'll get us started, here's mine - A dualtage with a real life friend who lost interest in halo quite some time ago. The editing's shoddy, the quality is disgusting and the clips are very mediocre but what can you expect from a first video haha.  This was originally released in 2011 (5 years ago oh my god!)

I made 2 versions lmao. I have something before this but I can't find it on youtube.

mines completely gone from the internet. I want to see it so bad

Lol, I remember this. I made my first montage in 2012 using whatever I happened to have saved from theater. I know for a fact that I had some crazy weird BTB exterms and other cool trick clips but I forgot to save them since I only got into Halo multiplayer in April 2011. I remember editing my first (and so far, only) Reach montage on iMovie 09 before I really knew the ins and outs. I had so much audio sync issues and got so frustrated that I had to just remove game audio completely. Oh well. It's kinda charming how bad it is and to my knowledge has the only Reach clip on the DLC map Condemned. Anyways

Quality thread Mr. Yumbles!

These clips go from bad to mediocre. There was no no-lead mod back then (2007) so everything was harder in general though. For the soundtrack: imagine the cheesiest music from 300 and Final Fintasy 7.

Fuck, how do you delete posts I accidentally double posted.

My first 4 or 5 montages are all gone. I deleted my original account a long time ago  because most of the videos were shit but I regret it now since it wouldn't been nice to look back at them :/ Here's the oldest video I've found, already posted it over in the sick clips thread though lol. It's an MLG dualtage with JFactor.

Wish i could remember/find my first ever montage. I made dozens and dozens of videos (not montages) between the years of 2006-2010, so i knew how to use an editing program. The earliest actual montage i made (i think) was "Closure" (Which is the oldest video on my YouTube channel. There has to be some other montage before that... i had to of made a couple mini-edits before then, but i can't find/remember any.

Yumbles, dude--you just bust open my head with that nostalgia...


I started watching your video and I recognized that first song, and I sat there thinking for a minute..."Where do I remember this from?" and I racked my brain...for about 50 seconds. Then I couldn't stop laughing through the whole fucking thing.  laugh

You're awesome, dude. XD


LOL oh boy. this video never gets old

As far as bad first montages go, I have the absolute worst, and I proudly hold the crown. I couldn't even put it up on YouTube--copyright flags on every single song. But if you're willing to demean yourself, I have a download link here.

Had to watch my first Halo montage again to post this and I regret everything.

haha its always fun to go back and watch your old stuff. This is my first video. the actual montage starts at around the 5:40 mark, the first half is all just me and my cousin playing 1v1 split screen. Last time i watched this video the audio worked so i must have gotten that copyright strike relatively recently...

My first is lost, but this is basically my first actual montage.  Enjoy.

From the long long time ago of September 2010. It's actually a tritage but about 80% of the gameplay is my own, which really isn't an accompishment lmao.

hahaha i had no idea that song was in superbad, in that scene of all scenes too lmao.

Nice to see so many responses on here, i'm enjoying the videos.

@ hustla the killtrocity dude was so funny, i was laughing so much at that

i'm actually quite surprised at the general quality of gameplay considering these are people's first videos. The same can't be said for the picture quality

if u aint fucks with sum41 i aint fucks with u


the gameplay is actually from me, my brother and a real life friend at the time, though 80% of the clips are mine because i da best. my brother edited it so i cant take credit for the music but i was like prepubescent at the time so my taste in music was probably worse. please rate 5 stars and comment and favorite and subscryb fro moer halo

The only living copy of my first montage is in an email attachment to Andre5000, so it's compressed to 1.9mb. Yes, 1.9mb.

Here it is in all its HD glory:

I'm dying of laughter right now lmao.

This is the first thing I was ever in. I was originally in a Halo 3 quadtage, but my 360 broke and I upgraded from OG to Slim and messed up my transfer when trading files and lost everything I had so my clips were removed.

I'm actually DZNightmare Met sachiro in a game of team hammers on snowbound in which everyone except us 2 quit and we were just hammering boxes into eachother. He later asked me if he could make a montage with my clips, never expected him to do such a great job :)
Oh man, the good old days when everyone used the Inception soundtrack to make montages/trailers sound more epic. Did this ever happen or nah?

I'ma take that as the first thing I released, there were some hilarious practice runs.

Probably next to Fashionably Late with how much I enjoy this one, insane that it's been almost 9 years.

We got such amazing reviews on this from some of the biggest names, it really drove me to commit to making montages for as long as I did.

10/10 thread. I love seeing how everyone started and where they are at now!

My first tage isn't all that old lol I released it November 1st 2014 for the 2014 Movie Comp, and the rest is history! There are like 2-3 good clips in this. Enjoy!

The only living copy of my first montage is in an email attachment to Andre5000, so it's compressed to 1.9mb. Yes, 1.9mb.

Here it is in all its HD glory:

jezus that's OG

I only started recording a few months into 06 I think, then we went through a shitton of capture cards before ever saving up clips for a video. We thought the quality had to be good, we set standards lol. + we had to play on PAL 50 on certain capture cards, which was horrendous. Took us like a year to get to a video quality, recording set-up and editing ability we were content with. Was fun to take it as our big project and really buckle down, it adds something to your friendship when you create something cool together. We played halo again together this weekend for the first time in a while, had a blast. For fucking 10+ years we've been doing that now, it's not close to as central a part as it was then but that's how you build lasting bromances motherfuckers. Watching those videos back is golden.

my first tage is almost 4 years old, but im still really happy with it even though from an editing standpoint it's garbage. But the music and the 'feel' of it make it timeless for me even though ive watched it multiple times. got some logical responses regarding the editing and lack of game audio, but also quite a few ones about the 'rawness' of it (in a positive way), and also plenty good ones about the gameplay. so anyway...

The only living copy of my first montage is in an email attachment to Andre5000, so it's compressed to 1.9mb. Yes, 1.9mb.

Here it is in all its HD glory:

This isn't my first montage, I have a handful of Halo 2 'tages on a hard drive in the closet I'm too lazy to dig out right now. But! This is my Halo 3 Beta montage. For still unknown reasons, I was granted the Friends & Family Beta. I frantically played and gathered all the clips I could, threw together a quick edit and released it on May 14th (my birthday!), two days before the the public Crackdown beta released. Good times :) 


Fucking trash lmao, xD

First funtage got taken down, I downloaded a bunch of clips from and called it a community funtage haha, But here is the first one with my clips :P I was young when I made this, I have always like going for "unique kills" though :) I hope y'all appreciate that YT channel name lol

so many bad clips hahahaa but this was to the time when double mongoose splatters were still good. Music got disabled but it was Rammstein-Feuer Frei. Back in 2009 :')

This is sorta me/sorta not me, but this is Communitage 1--I decided to show this one, since there actually is a YouTube up.