Found this render from my old H3 tage 100% MLG. Pretty Sick

Found this render from back in I believe 2011ish? Edited by vPhobia(Bromara) when he was just learning how to edit. He was doing a great job but got caught in school and shit I think and didnt get a chance to finish.  Clips are pretty decent I think too and 100% MLG I though I would post it. Check it out.


What I ended up releasing on my own if u wanna see the rest of the clips ::

Hahaha oh no, my 14-year old editing skills. Top notch 3D and even better color correction.  Surprised you still have that, I haven't watched it in years..quite the throwback.
Do you get a lot of clips on Guardian? It was quite Guardian dense. 
Yo I still think it's hella good