Exomy | Awaken | CE Montage

YUSS amazing flow
Enjoyable watch, man. But if I were you I would have shortened it a bit. Some of those plays were really impressive! Looking forward for more.
thank ya bro. appreciate the feedback.
Enjoyed the ADTR.  Nice clips buddy :)
thanks broseph c:
Damn, some really sick clips dude!
I guess they are ok lol jk exomy nice edit you still didn't upload it to the channel!
I guess they are ok lol jk exomy nice edit you still didn't upload it to the channel!

YUSS amazing flow

Please don't ever mislead me like this again.


YUSS amazing flow

Do you know what flow is..

I thought the gameplay overall was pretty solid. The second song was noticeably better for me in that regard. The clips were much cleaner and had better shots in them. There were also some really boring parts to this as well, mainly in the first song. I think overall you could have cut about 30% of your lower level clips and made a one song video that would have been a lot more compelling to watch from a gameplay stand point.

Editing killed the vibe for me a little bit, all the random unsynced Brightness/Fade effects were the chief culprits in that regard. I like that you made your own video though. Try to keep it simple and i think you'll have a much better feel to your next video.

Good video. I'm glad to see new montage releases with only h1 clips!

Another poster suggested cutting it down to 1 song and I agree. There were 10-20 really sick clips in there and if they were not so spaced out I think it'd have a better feel overall. My favorite clips were pistol/snipe double kills and triple kills. Although that very first snipe on chilly was insane and a great way to get my attention at the start!

thank you guys. i wanted to see how much i could do over-all, and came to the conclusion that my editing is at a very limited area. that i haven't branched my imagination far enough to other ways of showing impact, suspense, or any other sort of emotion for a lack of better words. I feel like that was quite obvious, and would love to have someone tell me new things. OR give me new ideas on new ways of showing clean edits with good syncing tips as well. 

I also had quite a few clips racking up and in my knowledge of what is good and bad, I was happy with what I had. 

Although, I am not ignorant enough to think it could have been shortened, and emphasized more on the most-skilled clips.

I have watched what has been released, and felt like my clips had the same skill level as most that I have seen. So it gave me grounds to work from. Then my love for each and every clip also came from within of course.

I love the detailed critiques, and am dying to here more from you guys. It really helps me grow more. & again, if anyone has tips, please add me on XBL, or post some pointers.



Loved every moment of it. Great job man.