Untaymed: Annabel Lee (H2)

Remember Eye of the Beholder? Well this is the aftermath... 


This is essentially the leftover clips Untaymed had from Eye of the Beholder, edited together by a good friend of mine, ZRTROOKIO! He's also an aspiring montager! He mainly does H2 stuff, so if you like that maybe check him out! Hope you guys enjoy!

ZRTROOKIO: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0N89vt0mmTu2nq7V6QG3cA


dang, I woulda used that reflection clip! Nice plays in this. Subbed to your friend too
Jesus! That was really good!
nice video boys.
Great vid! The jump up BXR on the noob combo kid was tight. 
That was great man.  Tight sutff.
That was dope, I subbed you. Can you link the other vid?
Really enjoyed this. Well done.
hot damn good shit