Exomy in Deception.

 A recent minitage, just wanted to post it on here. 



that song choice, fucking brought me back to my childhood

didnt do much with it synching wise but was a fun watch just for the song, had some nice clips


Splatter triple to tac was insane but  made everything else look more average than it was. Just my preference obviously but i don't think you should ever start a video with your best clip/only banger, even if it's a minitage.

Song was awesome.

It's not often that I find myself wishing there was more editing, but this was one of those times for me. The song was kind of intense in a weird way, and would've enjoyed a bit more syncing to help bring out the gameplay. Some cool clips though.
thank you guys for all the feedback. i don't really have an excuse for the editing cause i didn't give it much energy in the slightest. just really liked the song and the splatter killtac was weird to me, so i wanted to show it. then i just put some clips i had in there that i found to be ones i didn't want in the  tage i have planned, but didn't want to delete. thanks again.