Hustla : Origin : 1st MCC Montage

Finally! After all these years of getting clipped in montages, I finally made my own. Huge thanks to Scace for editing this!  Also, huge thanks to all the guys in Lost In Time for the support! Can't wait to keep making videos in the near future! Hope you guys enjoy my first montage!

the nastiest sniper i've seen on h2c in many many years.
damnnnn that gameplay was nuts! amazing job guys that was amazing
Holy shit that gameplay.

Absolutely incredible all the way around. Nice smooth editing, great song, insane GP.


This is the bees knees.

Great job man, enjoyed it from start to end!

Such a great watch. Damn. Loved this Kevin, you are an amazing sniper in H2. And an all around great player. Great job bro. 

The edit was well done as well, Scace. Great job buddy :) 

Very nice. Gameplay was pretty amazing.

LIT is full of talent. This video does a fantastic job at shining some light on one of its members -- just one of them. You dudes have been pushin' quality footage since the beginning and continue to do so on the daily. I'd bet your team is responsible for a solid 25% of all content that comes through these boards (for the time being). It has got to be a bit demanding to have done it so consistently but still, I do not feel a single video dropped is out of place or undeserving of being posted.

Scace, loved the simplistic edit. You've done excellent merely highlighting the footage, not covering it up. Hustla, excellent GP. This goes without saying. You're managing to pull some very, very sick footage regardless of the title (Halo 1, 2).

Keep up the great work.

P.S. - Don't sweat what people say on the competitive level when posting in that H2 OGs thread thing on FB. I'm sure you don't lose sleep over it as is but still, it'd be a shame if you take any of that whack shit they say to heart.

Lot of good stuff in here, but a lot of it felt kinda like a nubtage (you were up what, like 25-3 in one of those Sanc clips) which in and of itself isn't a bad thing, but it's obv not the same as "legit 4s" whatever that's supposed to mean.

Deff some solid shots in there, I like the Sanc troc when you're falling into blue court and the Creek double the best.

Agree with pretty much everything XYOX  said. That double on BC was so fucking awesome. Great clips hustla boy

Just curious, when is a full edited video going to come out of this youtube clan thingy? I would enjoy your guys content a lot more if the edits were more exciting.

Damn, some pretty sick clips in there. Are kids really that bad in MCC? I need to get an Xbox...

Stole that killtac x2. Sorry Kev I didn't know.  ;_;


Dope gameplay, exactly what I've come to expect from you and all of LiT. Edit was good, there were a few transitions that felt a little rough (from the title cards was the most jarring). Keep doing work, both Scace and Kevin. Love the stuff you've been putting out.



Great clips man!

didn't really know you when I first saw you around in the beginning of MCC, then I saw some of your clips every now and then and I was amazed every time...
I started to realize you were going to do some great things and oh well here it is!

stunning clips man, halo 2 sniping has always been my favorite thing to do in all halos in general. 
you got a new huge fan

I feel like you're one of the better people (skill wise) in this community, and it shows. Really great clips, man. This could have been one serious video had the right editor played with these clips.

This made me feel good watching to the end.  Personally I think this should be carded on the fp but what do I know any more.


Dont have time to watch, seems good from reviews. if youre interested in fp plz contact a VIP to bring it up in the proper place and perhaps write a lil more, lookin forward to checkin it out
really good vid!

Great job Kevin! Glad you trusted me to do the edit! I know the editing is simplistic, (I'm still  fairly new at editing montages) but that's the kind of editing I like to watch as well (Hyena, tranQ, Kblocker, Phurion to name a few) I like having the gameplay showcased rather than an in your face edit. 

Thanks everybody for the kind words, more great stuff from LiT is coming! 

best mcc tage yet

Damn, some pretty sick clips in there. Are kids really that bad in MCC? I need to get an Xbox...

Yea lol, even in Team Hardcore. You could make a good old fashioned H2 comeback :P

good video, guys. solid gameplay and i was actually feeling scace's edit. some nice syncing to showcase the gameplay properly.
thank you guys for all of the feedback! i appreciate it so much!! can't wait to make more videos!
My favorite MCC montage so far! Sick clips and it's got me hyped to actually get into some games.
You have a very nice sniper Hustla.  Say; didn't you have some clip make it into SillyGoose's Top 10 not too long ago?  Would've been cool to see some of those in here.  Such a shame you can't get 2 for 1 snipes in Halo 2 or CE.   You got some kills on known names as well like Bonfire, Phurion and Hyena as well, nice job.   Lovin the content uploads from you gentlemen at LiT.  Keep up the good work.
Yeah, the jumping trocity on Sanc in the vid was on SHC

Got you on HBO's front page today


  Such a shame you can't get 2 for 1 snipes in Halo 2 or CE.

You can in CE, i've done it.

See 2:02 below

this is PC tho, dunno if its different from xbox

thanks so much!

holy shit, hbo is still around?

That song of choice was horrific. Almost fell asleep. Nice gameplay though.

  Such a shame you can't get 2 for 1 snipes in Halo 2 or CE.

You can in CE, i've done it.

See 2:02 below

Oh wow, I didn't know that.  Thanks for showing me Tez.


Yeah, the jumping trocity on Sanc in the vid was on SHC


Oh ok.  I meant like, adding the commentary from his top 10 video.  



Best MCC tage ive seen yet. Good shit!