FlavoR MCC 1v1 Montage :: Phenomenon 2 :: Edited by Wanny


Finallyyyyyy. The minute I got MCC I knew I wanted to make this video. A few more clips I wanted to get before releasing but I guess I'm just not good enough, and I havent been playing a whole lot anymore. But I think you guys will like. Video didnt turn out to be quite as long as I would have liked, but I didnt really want any fillers.

Huge thanks to Wanny, such an easy guy to work with. It came out great man, I really appreciate the time you put into it.  Also to Wonderland for the text in the intro, thanks pal.

Thats about it guys, hopefully u dont think its too short. Enjoy!

Youtube :: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kZTD53JWqmk

Download :: http://www.mediafire.com/watch/b4mp7an125t3viu/Flavor_P2_Final.mp4



Hope you enjoy guys! Flavor had some insane snipes!
Some of those snipes man, good lord. Edit was solid, some cool angles but a few too many imo that didn't really add much. I really liked the intro clip, the angles set up the scene and then watching it play out was rad. Good stuff guys.
Happy to see that you followed through on making this. Some really great snipes in here and I enjoyed the edit. That snipe at the end would've been so sick!
Refreshing to see that angle work from a cold night at Lockout. Entertaining and solid clips, but I think you should have added a couple of launches/sticks to mix it up. Still enjoyed it, though!

some real hot snipes in here, except for the one you got one me. 0/ign on that.

real nice video, guys. good shit, good shit.

short and sweet. awesome snipes.
what i  loved about this video is that you got clips everywhere, it wasnt just snipe tower the entire time. great shit flavor

but I think you should have added a couple of launches/sticks to mix it up.


fucking kill me

fucking christ, that gameplay. scott, you killed this song. incredible video, gentlemen!

I won't do that XYOX

‚ÄčThose snipes were sick and creative. And I'm sure that the footage displayed is enough to make it an A+ watch for you old school H2 guys, but to make it an absolute quality experience for me I need some variety. 

Do you even stick bro? Seems kind of odd, and refreshing not seeing a stick in a 1v1 montage... 

Only complaint was, I wish it was longer. Seemed like it kind of ended without that signature clip, but all the clips were great... so it's kind of weird lol.

Thanks for the comments everyone

What has happened to this forum since I left all those years ago. This is a 1v1 montage and not even one person has commented how these snipes are totally staged. You've changed THF, you've changed.

But that gameplay was some tender lovin'. Great watch

We've grown accustomed to seeing crazy clips.

We've grown accustomed to seeing crazy clips.


It's honestly amazing how completely fucked this game is now in terms of standards for clips, especially in 1v1 videos.



I've always wanted to use this song in a video. Very well executed and entertaining. 

i wanted it to never end

good fkn shit.

Fucking loved this, great work guys
That was nice, really liked the angle work and of course the snipes were all ridiculous! BUT, no 720s? bad 
How can you compete with these snipes
Hint: You don't
New THF intro swag.  Lots of dirty snipes in here.  The angles were all well done, nie job on that.  My favorite snipe at 1:54.  Nice video boys.
Wannay had been sending me renders and every new one had me popping off more  because of how disgusting some of those shots were. Editing was relatively simple but effective, just how a 1v1 video should be. Awesome vidya. 
Very clean edit from Scott, it's obvious that the goal was to showcase gameplay and I think he did a fine job mixing it up with the angles without overdoing it. There were so many unique snipes and it was refreshing to see that the majority of the clips were at a location other than snipe tower. Loved to see that double death snipe in there emulating Brandon's old clip. You seem to have matched his standards for 1v1 gameplay and I hope this video was what you envisioned it to be. Glad you got this done, Matt.
Sick snipes Flavor!

New THF intro swag.  Lots of dirty snipes in here.  The angles were all well done, nie job on that.  My favorite snipe at 1:54.  Nice video boys.

hahaha thats funny it must just be a difference in opinion in style of sniping or clips or somthing. i almost didnt put that clip in the folder, prob my least favorite lol. 

also thanks everyone for all the positive feedback