Mysteryz Halo 5 Beta Montage (Edited by Kampy)


Thought this was a pretty solid beta montage and worth making a thread for. Gotta keep the hype train moving, ten days to launch.

Agreed, i thought this was really enjoyable with some pretty impressive gameplay for just the beta.
Just fyi, this is not Kampy's gameplay. It's our good friend Mysteryz. Really cool guy, and he had some sweet gameplay I thought.
Guy from the intro of Kampy's Montage 5, and Levings' Montage 4.
Kind of hyped me for the game.

Kampy editing is always solid. Rarely really blows you away, but some would argue that's just evidence of good editing.

Never heard of Mysteryz before but this was nice! Nice lil gameplay, my favorites were two of the tacs, the all pistol breakout overkill, and the quickscope on the guy groundpounding.

Also, has anyone else noticed the rocket launcher in H5 looks really really weird? At the same time it looks hella satisfying to kill people with, so I guess that's good. Just hope they got the balance right.

Pretty sweet! Can't wait to check out H5 and then 5 minutes later turn H2 back on.

That gameplay was pretty disgusting for the beta!

Nice smooth edit by kampy as well