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I have no words.

Here are some words from the man himself:

Okay so here it is finally, the road to hell is over! I have a lot to say about this video but will try my best to condense it, first off i want to just say thank you for watching this, even if you dont enjoy it, i appreciate every view, the second is that the title 'Mastery' is not me gloating, but instead ties in with the character within the videos over the years, he has always been to me the spiritual embodiment of old tagers and new alike such as BullXRape, Dymdez, Vrbas etc etc who have always been my inspiration to continue pushing myself while making these videos even so long after said makers videos were made, i hope that in 5-10 years time, this video will inspire at least one person, would be worth it. Instead of rambling on i will just wrap it up now i guess, gotta thank all of THF staff and members over the years that have been the foundation of not only our community but montages in general, creating a platform of minds that i have the highest respect for and strive to impress, as well as all the tagers past and present keeping Halo afloat, i salute you. Last of course is all my subs that allow me to reach a wide ( in my eyes ) audience for these montages, enough talk now, i love you all, enjoy. 

Special thanks to Tezima, YBLOC, Sachiro & Nvincible, without you faggots this wouldn't have been.


This video is fucking unreal, prepare yourself.

The way you executed this video... perfect.
You already know what I think of these clips. My favorites (except for all) were the nade/rocket launcher snipes + the ricochet triple on The Pit.
This really motivated me to keep playing Halo 3 to finish my new project, but fuck it; let's rock Halo CE together! <3

Amazing video, history right there. If this was submitted to the comp, you already know this would win so hard :P

urrrmaagooodddd, downloading.


poop came out of my mouth thats how much this unsettled my physical being

ya did good man, more thoughts later, for now..just ya did good

Well that was a fun watch.
Jesus fucking christ that is the best shit.

Holy shit, that was the most insane gameplay I have ever seen.  All the icicle jump snipes blew my mind. Every clip in this was just absurd. I think you surpassed peoples expectations, Beau. Seriously. This was amazing.

I'm so honored to have been of assistance in the making of this masterpiece. Much love.

Gonna go watch again.

What the actual fuck!?!? That was absolutely unreal. That gameplay was out of this world!! I told you that in Blizzard of the netherworld 2 I had been sitting quietly in my room for a full minute because the last clips were so sick, I seriously had that throughout the entire montage on this one. You say in the OP you hope this lives up to the expectations but it outdid those expectations immensely. Absolutely unreal montage, this is already definitely one of my all time favorites.
This is gonna be more epic than lazer sharks from hell. Will edit later when I get home to watch this. Yeah, this is the best Halo 3 montage. Period.
This is amazing.
That was incredible. Probably would have been a finalist in the competition had you entered it. The bank triple on Pit was probably my favorite clip, but there were a lot of crazy good ones.
This might be the best montage I've ever seen. Incredible. 
... well i woke my girlfriend up by saying oh my god very loudly. that was insane..
Dude, that was so sick, nearly every clip made me think "how is this possible" ! And Thomas got rekt with that icicle jump :D
OMG the last clip will go down as one of my favorites ever for sure! fucking insane!!!!!!!! i loved all the grenade snipes too, and the intro was real fucking cool. Gonna have to watch again before i say anything else but well done man, absolutely incredible work. I'm sad to see you go, i think you're probably the longest standing h3  montager of all time. What a legacy.

outstanding as always

shooting projectiles /sticks mid air was a nice touch and change of pace from the usual insane quick scopes

mad props

Just unreal, as expected. Loved how many creative clips were mixed in with the Multis and I love that there's everything from singles to naires in this video.

Well Hyena all I can say is for the first time in many many many years I've felt an actual true unique style to the videos gameplay.

There was about 5 clips in that montage that actually made me stop to rewind the video multiple times... fuck last time I truly did that must of been back in halo 2 when PhuRioN released his 1v1 montage or Eli the ninjas gameplay in the Wicked end.

Get the fuck outta here with that triple snipe on Narrows jumping off the ice shard that was truly insane... as well as the snowbound clip.

The intro was dope and I loved the whole machinima type feel to the video.

Fabulous creation sad to hear it'll be your last.

Thanks for all the effort you've put into your videos over the last decade for this forum we all appreciate it dude.



this gonna b good

edit: holy mother fucking shit. what a way to go. you inspired so many people with your style and videos, you won't be gone after this. you will be kept alive through another generation of awesome videos, all inspired by what you were able to show us in that decade. it might never be as good, and it might never even come close either, but you have been a montage role model and you will stay a montage role model. May the future see more of you

I almost could not handle it. Almost.

That snipe block with a weapon was sweet. I had been thinking of trying that for so long.

If this is truly your final montage....  it is a damn good one to part away from montages. Even compared to your others, I think this takes the cake. Daaaamn 

Great montage.

I knew it was coming and I'm still not ready. Dling now, edit when done.


Wow, I had unreasonably high expectations for this after Blizzard and you managed to annihilate them. I remember when Tombstone was released for Halo 2 and it was discovered that you could ricochet snipe shots off of the platforms. That created so many possibilities for clips in my mind, what you've done here is the embodiment of those thoughts with that ricochet on The Pit. I've also watched you snipe a spike grenade out of the air with a rocket, or used an icicle as a jumping platform to hit a snipe. Even having seen those, you've taken the fundamental concepts of those and evolved them. Sniping a rocket or grenade out of the air to kill an opponent around a corner just blows my mind. Your play style really does transform Halo 3 into something different entirely. Editing was really enjoyable, you hit some synchs so well when the beat would go up tempo. The Japanese, Kurosawa era aesthetic has always set you apart.


I hope final isn't really final. Your recent videos of CE have been immensely fun to watch and I'd love to see your short edits continue.

Only once in years have I been able to snipe a nade haha. This is fucking mental.

4am EST release!?

Glad im not that late to the party.


.......that confirms it, best ending to an amazing Halo 3 career.....and you went out in such style. Will never forget, will NEVER forget what I just watched. Shit son

The rocket launcher + snipe shot is one of my favourites ever. Never would have thought to do that in a million years. Unreal. And of course the icicle snipes.. just omg.

Oh my god! That was too good, an icycle jump into a killtastrphe and into a 2v2 triple, are you serious? Always tried to think of unique things to do with that powerup glitch, never once thought to stick myself lol. The rocket snipe on narrows was one of the most unique clips I've seen, and that Pit ricochet was definitely on the same level or higher than Fatrat's narrows ricochet overkill! This is definitely one of those montages I'll rewatch like 20+ times haha, and thanks for the thanks!! Don't stop playing Halo 3, even if you stop making videos, you are too much of an Asian butterfly tank. It's a shame this didn't make it into the movie comp, but this is priceless anyway :)


I liked how in the beginning  you were training for some of those shots like when you sniped the rocket and sticky later on, so cool.  

Proud to see I made an appearance in here as well. 

Excellent job my friend.



You asshole, you know how hard it is to get spooge out from between the keys.

While it was downloading, I was watching the epilogue previews, then added Mastery at the end for seamless transition. Such a good nut! God, as for the video itself, it was absolutely bewildering. I mean, Jesus.

I might as well ask, Hyena...what's going to happen now? Are you going to stop playing altogether? See yourself picking up something else? What's next?

Wow, thank you all for your kind words, makes it very much worthwhile, I will try get back to everyone individually but I must first sort out this copyright issue so a stream is up! You guys are the greatest.
I don't watch montages that often nowadays, but holy fucking shit I'm glad I clicked this one. Beautifully executed montage with unbelievable clips. Jaw-dropping gameplay.
This video has made me make noises I didn't know I could make


Retweet that ish

Words cannot express how happy I was to see this thread when I woke up. I'm going to sound so over the top with this text but this montage made me scream. I've tried claw sniping for almost a year now and it makes me so mad that Hyena can make it look so easy sometimes. The gameplay is seriously incredible, it's just on another level. I've hit similar snipes for triple kills and celebrated by dropping my controller, and here you are doing it for killionaire x2's. If I had your ability to snipe I would never leave my room and just live on Halo.


You'd think that you should run out of creative things for your montages but somehow you keep pulling off amazingly clever and skillful clips in every montage. This video was just full of them. The snipe through the ceiling on Isolation (I thought that was only possible in Halo 2, I've even tried it myself in H3), the nade and rocket sniping, sticking yourself and doing the powerup/equipment glitch, the Pit bank triple (I've dreamt about getting that clip, not even joking here), the icicle snipes. THE ICICLE SNIPES, WHAT THE FUCK. I freaked out the first time you got a single kill from it and now you have an overkill with it, that turned into a killtastrophe. I have to say that the 2v2 triple kill at the end might be one of the best clips I've seen though. I absolutely love it when someone does crazy things to make a clip look cool (e.g., bank snipes), but the clip is a million times better if you do it out of necessity, like your icicle triple. When I heard the music changing and saw you looking at the icicle my jaw just kind of slowly dropped until you got the triple.


The music/editing/machinima all felt so right, it made me think about your previous videos (especially when you used some of the same dialogue) and it made me nostalgic as fuck, because this last year you've been such a huge inspiration to me (and I assume a ton of other people too). The fact that this is your last montage makes me way more sad than I should be, but it's because every time you make a new video I switch my controller grip to claw and sensitivity to 10 for at least a week just to try to get lightning snipes. Now I'm guessing it's at least going to be a month. You're an absolute legend, and I hope you realize just how jealous I am of you for this montage. I'll make sure it stays on my hard drive for years. Sorry for being a little overdramatic but goddamn I love this video. This comment is probably my longest ever, and it took me about 25 minutes because I'm terrible at keeping a theme, but I really want you to know how much I appreciate the effort you've put into making these videos.



tl;dr I fucking love you and your videos.

Hyena, this is unreal. 

Loved the way you put this together.  Somehow you brought those only imaginable clips to life.

It's been great watching your videos over the years!

un fucking real. most unique and impressive gameplay I've seen from a halo video. Every clip was a jaw dropper.
Easily the best montage of 2015 so far and I hope it stays like that for a while. Such creative and unique gameplay taken to a whole 'nother level. My expectations of this video were exceeded so much, it's insane. Can't wait to see what comes from ya in MCC.