Appendectomy H3 Throwback 2 Daytage


(use below link to watch with audio)

Quick little description of this tage. I recently got my appendix removed and I was on pain killers and stuck in bed all day. I decided to kill my time by try making a small minitage of the clips I got of the new H5 playlist. I had a blast playing this playlist with some old Xbox friends. The name of the tage comes from the surgical procedure to remove someones appendix. Clips are mostly from Saturday night and Sunday afternoon and I edited the video most the day Monday. I tried being a little creative with the edit because this is currently one of my favorite songs in my playlist. I'm really proud of how this video came out and I hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I did making it. Be sure to leave a like my YT channel at: if you enjoyed. Special shout out to the Besteon aka Hunter. Song: Jocelyn Flores - XXXTentacion

I really enjoyed it. Glad to finally see some vids from this playlist. Also, the H3 BR sound is so weird to hear/see on Halo 5 haha. 
Happy you enjoyed the video. Yeah the I switched the BR sound because I hate how the H5 BR sounds.