What are some of your fav montages??

The title says it all. What are your fav montages? link them in the chat


Enjoy. Click the top left to see the whole list since apparently this just autodisplays the first vid lol. There's some on here that everyone will know, others that probably almost no one even knows and are criminally underrated. List isn't exhaustive for sure, but I expect it would be controversial (I have Mastery and Supreme Demonstration on here, but not Wizard or Death Machine bc I can't watch those over and over like I can the others on this list). Honestly more than anything this is just a list of "tages that inspire me and I draw upon with my own editing"



Keep in mind this is a very selective and personalized list that only includes the best of the best, and of those, only montages I can watch again and again and again without losing interest. To make it on here a tage has to have (imo) perfect and creative editing along with stellar gameplay.

List isn't exhaustive for sure, but I expect it would be controversial

How can a personal opinion list be controversial?

Anyways, since I've long ago detailed my favourite H3 videos (which you can find, even if my opinions have changed), here are some others.

Lemon and Lime edited by Revenge
Baksmak and Date Swattage edited by SillyGoose
The Avengers montage, though mostly the Imagine Dragons song
Supreme Demonstration, Wizard and especially Exorcist by Hyena
Whatever by Exus
Ryosuke by Kiko Mia
Elegance edited by Chaos

and above all and probably the best montage of any halo


Ayyyyy I made it on Lemon's playlist, cheers my dude!

Will come back end edit when my list has been completed. This is an extremely hard topic.

Well I suppose it can't be controversial, seeing as you can't try to tell me that my opinion is something that I say it's not. But I expected the list to be controversial to most other peoples' lists or opinions, lol. 

You mentioned some other good tages tho.

I haven't watched Avengers in some time, it's probably time I gave it a watch and see if it deserves to be on the list.
Baksmak & Dater SWATtage was one of my favorites as well, love the DnB combined with Silly's editing. I'll have to add that.
Excorcist was amazing, though I don't see myself watching it over and over again quite like the tages I listed.
I've heard of Ryosuke, not those other 2 at the end though. I'll have to find them and see what I think. Same with Lemon and Lime.
Also now that I think of it, I really liked Quiggy's Final Reach Montage back when it came out. That's probably the montage that inspired me to start making videos tbh, and the gameplay just has this charm that modern reach GP just doesn't have. Maybe I just like the music tho


Also that tage was fuckin nuts, love the aspect ratio of an absolute square, lmao.

Fav Montage is Borderline by Tocnik www.youtube.com/tocnikhalo


One of the most underrated montages out there imo


Fav Montage is Borderline by Tocnik www.youtube.com/tocnikhalo

Is this a serious answer? I know I just said you can't be wrong with your own opinion, but how could this be your favourite?

snipedown the movie. best soundtrack to a montage ever imo. jay z kanye and eminem. its also one of the few tages i have saved on my external hard drive. 
I think someone was looking for it (and I would also like it as well). Eamonn I think wanted it. You should sneaky upload it for us.


Awe, the link didn't work. I liked GuN Sh0t's M2, Reid18's montage 5, and Axilo flyaway...there's some other montages in that playlist I like too

Gonna ramble some off while walking to work

Panzergnome and Senix - nostalgia


Dead serious tage

Midpoint a gamer grows up

Halogod's body of work

Jered8laze h2 final

Kloakz 1v1 montage

Rhis's mini by marruk

Illcomposed by GTS

Hyena armour of god (6th h2 tage) and his dual with Fi3nd (the lost kills i think) and everything from bliz of the nether to now, you're a fucking asshole


B sik both entries in of last 2 contests

Diesel's and toasty' 2014 contest enties for making the best of reach

Fearitself m1 i think it was 


Christhehippie vol 2 


Arkive m3

Titanviii body of work

Redi18 nubtage and m5

Austin Mixing it up

Zola legacy

Dutchy lag warrior by zane

phurion m3, eclectic, into the trance

Ryosuke by kiko

always like Kiwi's shit 


As for my own videos I enjoy Fashionably late by myself, deathenator and dutchy the most as a montage, other vids more for the mems of both playing and editing. 

Ok at work bai

edit: almost forgot about the best montage ever



damn, wouldve been bad

just for lulz here's on of my favorite intro songs


and a fucking gun shot video as he's such a guy